By Patrick Bridgeman

“It’s easy. All you need is Love.” ~ The Beatles

I believe in love. I believe it is inseparable from the cosmic field of energy which gives birth to the entire universe. It is comparable to the love of a parent for their child and, in a sense, that is what we are – Children of Love.

Whoever you believe yourself to be and however you judge yourself to be right now, you are loved. This love is beyond your control. There is nothing you can do to stop it or lose it or fall out of favour with it. It is unconditional and unaffected by anything you can think or say or do. The only thing we can control is how much of it we feel and how much of it we allow to flow through us in each moment.

We believe we are separate from it in the same way that we believe we are separate from each other, but we are one with this love. We are One and we are Love.

The life we live is a life we choose, and our all-knowing, all-loving source accepts our choices. With love comes freedom, with freedom comes choice and with choice comes life incarnate.

Life can be as pleasurable or as painful as we choose, and it is because we are loved unconditionally that we are allowed to make the choice for ourselves. Each person chooses something different, and that way our One source gets to experience life in many ways. It has no preferences as to what should incarnate next as it knows of the infinite abundance which is the true nature of the physical universe.

We are born into an illusion of separation which affects our perception of reality, limiting our view of life into a one person point of view. However, at times, we catch glimpses of the true nature of life which broadens our perspective and our perception and allows more of the oneness of love and life to flow through us. At these times, we can feel the unconditional love which is felt for all beings all the time.

This kind of unconditional love is the most powerful healing tool I have worked with so far in my life. Negative judgements about ourselves (by ourselves or others) can cause us to choose pain and suffering in our lives – as if we deserve it. Stress can cause disease, and pressure to change can cause defensiveness, but the energy of unconditional love helps people to let go of negative beliefs and the energetic blocks they cause in that person’s body, relationships and life.

Awareness and acceptance of whatever is going on with you right now is a powerful step in the direction of change. When I facilitate a healing session with someone, some of the biggest shifts occur when I simply open my heart and hold a loving space for that person to exist in just as they are. From there, any changes they choose to bring about can quickly and easily occur – first in their energy field and then in their lives.

For most of my life, my greatest desire was to feel loved, and now that I have cultivated unconditional love for myself, I feel transformed and free to become the best possible version of my unique self.

A big part of this learning curve has been the realisation of my worth. Everyone is worthy. Not everyone believes it, but everyone is. No more or less worthy than any other being; just worthy.

You may believe your worthiness is open for debate, and you may even debate it, but it is beyond your control. You are always worthy, no matter what. And so is everybody else, just as they are.

Love does not need to control anyone. A desire to control others’ behaviour is really a desire to feel positive emotion in yourself. But trying to achieve happiness by controlling the behaviour of others is not a wise course of action as there is no guarantee of success. And since our emotions only exist inside our own body, the best place to work on them is there – in yourself.

One way to have happier, healthier emotions is to fully feel the ones that are already there when they arise. Let them flow and let them go. Dance them out of you. Paint them out of you. Talk them out of you.

There is nothing wrong with feeling any and all emotions. They are a part of our holy human experience, and to be wholly human we must fully feel them.

When fully allowed, the energy of emotions can become a powerful creative force. Take the energy of lust for example. This intense sexual desire has driven many a man mad, including me, on more than one occasion. But when I recently experimented with simply allowing this feeling to exist, I found that I was filled with a confident, proactive, focused energy that lent itself really well to the work I was doing.

If channelled properly, any emotion can be of benefit, but if repressed, they can become destructive to your mental and physical health, as well as to the health of your relationships.

Whatever kind of a relationship you have, or want, a good understanding to have is whether your decisions, words and actions are based in love or fear – for yourself as well as others.

All of our decisions can be traced back to either love or fear. Fear is based on a limited perspective of Life, which generates ideas of lack, impulses of greed and feelings of unworthiness, but Love knows of the abundance of Life and the intrinsic value in all things. It doesn’t worry about anything because it is a part of everything and everything is a part of it.

Love will never leave you, even if the feeling of love or the people we love seem to go away, Love and Life go on forever – as will you, in one form or another. There is nothing to fear, not even Fear itself. All emotions, experiences and beliefs are worth having. Love is grateful for every little thing you think, say or do. You are here to share your beautiful, wonderful, ever-evolving incarnation with the entirety of the universe and our source – ever observant, ever loving, ever You.

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