Taster session for Awakening the Illuminated Heart® with Irene Viglia Atton at Buddha Bag

Awakening the Illuminated Heart® Taster with Irene Viglia Atton

Irene Vigilia Atton

Hampton Hotel, Dublin 4
Thursday 6th March, 8pm

All the way from Italy, we have Irene Viglia Atton who facilitates Awakening the Illuminated heart® workshops. These are based on the lifetime studies of Drunvalo Melchizedek, which started with sacred geometry to introduce the world to the Merkaba (body of light) meditation until the studies and teachings of the heart, that are now presented in this powerful workshop.

Her seminar is designed to heal, connect and move into your heart space, learn to create from a space of Unity consciousness, become one with God and reconnect with the true steps of ascension. At Buddha Bag, Viglia will introduce these ideas and concepts to help you leave with a greater understanding and a more enlightened mind, heart and spirit.

Start time: 8pm
Tickets: €15/10

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