Unwreck Your Neck: The Gentle Movement Workshop Designed to Relieve Spinal Pain

Our modern-day habits can be tough on our spinal muscles. Everyday actions such as hunching over a computer or continually moving our heads down to look at phone screens can take an enormous toll on our backs and necks. Somatic movement educator Deirdre O’Connor is on hand to help with her workshop, ‘Unwreck Your Neck’, which will take place from 1.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Sunday the 15th of April in the Elbowroom, Dublin 7. Visit the-elbowroom.com to learn more.

Unwreck Your Neck: The Gentle Movement Workshop Designed to Relieve Spinal Pain

These days, we have acquired a lot of bad postural habits that cause us to slouch, deplete our energy, shorten our breath and create tension in our bodies. Common problems that Deirdre witnesses among her clients include clenched jaws, scrunched shoulders and neck compression.

During her workshop at the Elbowroom, Deirdre will teach you how to reverse any bad habits you may have learned, removing painful tension patterns from your body and moving into a way of moving and being that feels light and spacious. Two of the most powerful modalities for pain relief and postural re-setting – Somatic Yoga and Body Rolling – will be used to assist in this process.

Somatic Yoga will wake up your sensory-motor system using natural, sequential and fluid movements designed to re-wire your patterns of muscular tension, effortlessly and without pain.

Body Rolling is a modality that uses your own body weight on small balls to help relieve painful neuromuscular tensions and promote fluidity of movement. The result is a total decompression and elongation of the neck, shoulders and jaw.

Deirdre’s credentials include: Yoga Dip, Yoga Sannyasin, Bihar, DTR movement Dip/Adv, Craniosacral Therapy CST-T Dip, Somatic Movement Educator and Clinical Somatic Ed.

‘Unwreck Your Neck’ with Deirdre O’Connor is taking place at the Elbowroom, 32 North Brunswick Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, on Sunday the 15th of April from 1.30 to 4.00 p.m. Click here for information and booking.

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