Finding Your Heart’s Key: Powerful Workshop with Paul Buggle and Randa Hawa

The powerful intuitives, psychics and healers Paul Buggle and Randa Hawa are running a very special workshop in the Central Hotel, Dublin 2, next Sunday the 20th of May, from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The workshop title is “Finding Your Heart’s Key” and it is based on helping participants to embrace the innate love that their hearts hold, so that they can extend this love outward to others. As they put it, “The heart is our guide and love is essential in living a fulfilled life.” Read on to learn more!

Positive Nights Presents: Finding the Heart's Key With Randa & Paul Buggle



with Paul Buggle & Randa Hawa

Central Hotel May 20th (10am- 5pm)

Are you looking to attract love into your life?

The key to your heart may lie within yourself.

The heart is our guide and love is essential in living a fulfilled life. It is the underlying energy of everything. When we struggle to love ourselves and the world around us, we cut ourselves off from the vibration of love.

Love of the self is so important. The heart is powerful and we need to use the love within to give to ourselves and then share it outwards. When the energy of love is blocked or we cannot unlock it, we can experience pain, distrust and confusion. Once we learn to let our love flow, we find peace, purpose and happiness as we connect with the wisdom of our souls. Our lives make sense.

The heart is always seeking that connection with the soul and once the marriage of self happens, we allow ourselves to be open to receiving our soulmates into our lives.

Join Paul and Randa in an inspiring workshop on Love, on May the 20th at the Central Hotel. There they will guide you on an intuitive journey on how to find the key to unlocking your heart and connect with your true self. Once we allow and accept ourselves, huge transformations can occur in our lives. Paul and Randa will be there to facilitate and guide you on your path of self discovery and love.

Paul Buggle

I am a source of information and healing, revealing more of who you are, seeing through the layers and patterns you hold. I help release the blocks and then you understand and accept the perfect being you are. I have worked for many years as a psychic, medium, intuitive and healer, helping and advising with the aid of guides, loved ones, angels and the higher self. This gives me great insight and I never cease to wonder at what is revealed through the power of the spirit

Randa Hawa

I am a Channel of Healing and an Intuitive working with the Law of Attraction. In 2006 I qualified in Healing Massage and Chelation Healing. As the years have gone on, my confidence has grown and my ability to hear, see and feel Spirit has become stronger . In Dialogue, Spirit often speak through me and will be quite direct when needed! I am here to serve Love, I am here for Love, to help people realise how special they are, how they are their own key to their Heart, and how through trusting Love they can open their Heart to who they truly are. Because of this, you allow the Universe to work with you, allowing you to truly reap what you sow.

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Cost for this workshop: €85. Bookings can be made by contacting Paul on 087-1257073.

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