Jonathan O’Donovan Shares His Awakening Experience


Jonathan O’Donovan has been a practicing Buddhist and meditation workshop facilitator for many years. As a devoted student of a number of Buddhist contemplative traditions, he was familiar with the many mind-expanding benefits of his practice. In January 2017, however, Jonathan experienced awakening using The Two-Part Formula (2PF) taught by Open Heart. This formula is a concentrated, focused dzogchen-practice whose purpose is to bring about awakening. Jonathan described this experience as follows:

My experience of awakening was a life changing shift that happened late January 2017 at the end of a guidance with a Buddhist teacher based in Helsinki, Finland named Kim Katami. Awakening in Buddhism means permanently breaking free from the delusion that the little negative voice or ‘small self’ that we hear in our heads is who we really are. It is a wonderful liberation of the heart and mind.

Together, we worked for 2 weeks, exchanging emails daily. It was exciting, challenging and truly worth the effort! During the guidance I was given a meditation technique with two alternating modes. In the first mode, I simply rested in gentle, open awareness. The idea here is to recognise that thoughts and emotions are natural events that are in themselves ‘free of self’. For the second mode, I was asked to evoke the ‘little self’ by saying with feeling, ‘Me, Me, Me!’, ‘Mine, Mine, Mine!’ or ‘I, I, I!’ and to look closely in the body wherever I felt it most strongly. Alternating between these two modes each day had a wonderful effect of helping me to see that this ‘little dictator’ was never anything other than a series of knots in the body, which started to fall away. I will never forget the moment on the 15th day when, in my kitchen at the end of the day, I turned around to reach for the kettle and the final traces of the dream slipped gently from my eyes… Awake at last!


Kim Katami is coming to Dublin to lead an Awakening Intensive and Open Heart Retreat at St. Mary’s Priory, Tallaght, from Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of July. For details, just click here.
The Open Heart sangha also meets weekly in Dublin. These meetings aim to assist both new and experienced meditation practitioners in their practice, both pre and post awakening. They are supportive, open spaces where people can practice together and share their thoughts, experiences and the challenges encountered in practice. For details, just click here.

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