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The Law of Attraction: Drawing Circles

by Admin

Living the Law of Attraction: Drawing Circles

By Jenny Grainger

Since I left my TV production career six years ago, I have held a very clear intention for my work and I have been consciously working with the Law of Attraction to co-create the life I desire to live. Part of my dream was to have a more healthy, balanced and fulfilling career. Somehow, I now find myself running five businesses. Of course, things can get a little busy from time to time but ‘healthy balance’ is still one of my main focuses. I now know that when I am clear on my desires, take inspired action and let go of attachment to the outcome, the universe steps up and leads the dance much better than I could.

Actually, this article is a perfect manifestation of this deliberate co-creative dance and how effortlessly and magically my life unfolds as a result of it.

One of the first things I do each Monday morning is ‘draw my circles.’ On a sheet of paper, I draw one circle in the middle and in it I write my intention statement for my work which says “to have fun helping people to create positive and meaningful change.” Next, I draw five overlapping circles around the central one (a little like a Venn Diagram). Each circle represents one of my  businesses. So, for example, there is a circle marked ‘Positive Living Network’, one for ‘Irish School of Life’, one for ‘FreshStart Coaching’, and so on. In each circle I then write my ‘To Do’ or ‘Action’ list for that business for the week ahead. Since my intention is to have fun, I only put down actions that feel like fun to me. This approach is not taught in business school.

A few months ago, I became conscious that this process had limitations from a Law of Attraction point of view. Firstly, it was all about the action I was going to take which implied that I was solely responsible for making it all happen. Secondly, if I wanted or needed something to happen but it did not sound like fun to me then I simply left it out. This meant that I was limiting my work hugely.

So, I was inspired to add another circle headed ‘The Universe’ in which I include all the ways that I would like support in my work. This includes the big dreams I have and the support I need in terms of the things I do not have fun doing (like the accounts). The first time I did this, I wrote in the universe circle, “I would love to write a regular magazine article about Law of Attraction.” Imagine my excitement when, less than two hours later, my mobile rang and Positive Life asked me to write this. I am still regularly awed by the power of the Law of Attraction.

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