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The Best Performance of Your Life

by Dee Wallace

The Best Performance of Your Life
By Dee Wallace

It was by no accident that I became an actress and learned a technique that allowed me to channel so that I could learn how to create my life. More simply: my acting technique taught me creation. And that evolved into the understanding that everything I thought I knew about life was incorrect and misleading. A rather large lesson to learn at the ripe age of around 40 something.

I had always been taught that life happens and we manage it: there is a greater Being (our family called it God), and that entity somewhere out there blessed you with lessons so you could become a better person. It was always interesting that those ‘lessons’ contained so much struggle. When I found my acting technique through Charles Conrad, I was free as an actor to soar with abandon and perfect creation. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered this was the secret to creating me, and my life, also. So, allow me to introduce, in simple and succinct ways, the metaphor of my technique as life.

Charles’s first rule: don’t judge. As soon as you judge your acting partner, the material, the director, the audition, your own ability, etc., the creative flow stops. You go into your head and your mind begins looking for reasons to give you an out. Your creative channel closes and then the only place you can rely on is your mind, which can only supply you with the limited experiences it has already created and warn you to stay safe within them. When you enter the creative arena with blind faith and trust, a world of all possibilities opens up for you. It is obvious how this applies to life and self creation. Who of us would rather be limitless than limited? Who of us, whether it is the creation of a creative endeavour or the creation of the greatest endeavour (Us), wouldn’t choose a new, limitless, exciting and powerful possibility?

Charles’s second rule: get your energy high. Everything was based on energy in class. It is true that, when your energy is high, it takes you ‘out of your mind’ and turns you over to the open channel of inspiration and unique divine information. What ‘everyone’ does in an audition and performance never burdens you because the energy creates a state of being that lives absolutely in the moment, and awesome, exciting, unknown things happen to you. It’s a ride you never want to give up. Most of us are afraid of that ride in life. Like me, we have been taught to micromanage life from a point of damage control, and to ‘be careful’ in the choices we make. That is not authentically who we are. Authentically, we are creation itself. When we live in a high energy state, all possibilities flow through us.

Charles’s third rule: Trust. Trust yourself, the page, the reader, the hits you are getting, and your talent. In other words, trust the creation of you. Now, that is easier when the high energy keeps you out of your mental mind whose job it is to keep you in doubt. Doubt is really the only thing in the way of us trusting our own creation. After all, “God helps him who helps himself.” Right? So, the first one we must trust is the God of our own Being. I trust myself. I trust myself to know, to choose, to love, to create… Me. That is our greatest performance. And we are all in the process of creation every moment.

So, how do you see the glass of You? Half full or half empty? Your perception of you creates you and your world. See yourself as a magnificent being of unlimited possibilities. Then choose to let go and allow the creative force to work its magic. You won’t be disappointed.


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