Breathing Space

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Breathing Space

Breathing Space
By Jenny Grainger

Breathing Space

It is Monday morning and I am writing this in the comfort of our peaceful, spacious and light-filled bedroom which is one of my favourite places in the world! There is soft music playing, a scented candle beside me and from where I sit, I can see swans gliding across the lake and lambs playing in the fields around Chantry Hill.

Like many people, I used to dread Monday mornings, as I faced the rush of getting my daughter out to school and the busy-ness of the week ahead – doing a job which stretched and stressed me. I used to experience insomnia most Sunday nights, as my mind started to run through the endless ‘to do list’ for the week ahead.

All this was in great contrast to the life I yearned to live, and I used this ‘unwanted’ to give me information about what it was that I ‘wanted instead’. So, as I started to make the move from employee to self-employed Life Coach, I made a conscious decision to change my Monday mornings, and to avoid making work commitments with other people so that I could ease my way into the week. I even signed up for a yoga class at 11am on Mondays to support me in these changes. Once I let go of the self-imposed guilt and the long list of ‘shoulds,’ what I noticed was that, as I created this physical and mental space on a Monday morning, the Law of Attraction started to line me up with people and circumstances which mirrored these feelings of ease and relaxation throughout the rest of my week.

And now my Monday mornings are sacred! I rarely have any commitments to anyone else and – like this morning – I wake when my body decides to wake up (not when the alarm tells me I should get up), then I start the day with some meditation and contemplation followed by a leisurely breakfast. Next, I set my intention for the coming week, go to my yoga class and then open myself up to allow creative inspiration (like writing this) to flow to me and through me by simply sitting in the peace which I have created around me. It is a very different way of working, and one which is a million miles away from the busy, ‘make it happen,’ goal driven work model which I was brought up with, and which I experienced for many years.

We human beings have a tendency to get very, very busy, and nearly everyone I know complains about ‘not enough time’ or ‘not enough hours in the day.’ We, in the West, have become human doings instead of human beings.

From my own personal experience of living the Law of Attraction for the last 7 years, I know that if you are really committed to creating positive and meaningful change in your life, then one essential step is that you must start to create more space and stillness in your life.
‘Stillness is the first requirement for manifesting your desires, because in stillness you connect with the field of pure awareness and infinite organising power.’ ~ Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This change to my Monday morning routine is just one of the simple steps I took to creating more space in my life, and – because I started to change my vibration to one of peace on Monday mornings – the Universe has now lined me up with an entire life which is deeply rooted in peace.

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