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Pachamama & the Breath of Life, Reborn in Costa Rica

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Reborn in Costa Rica

Reborn in Costa Rica – the Breath of Life
By Julia Szvath

Some trips away can bring you back to yourself, as Julia Szvath discovered when she travelled to Costa Rica.

 Reborn in Costa Rica

In the recent past, I decided to spend some time in an intentional community called Pachamama in the Costa Rican jungle. In Pachamama, I learned certain tools to dismantle the conditioned parts of my mind, enabling me to remember and return to who I truly am.

I am excited to share two different tools with you here, which helped me beyond measure to get closer and more connected to who we really are.

Clarity Breathwork

Every time we take a breath, we sustain ourselves with life-force energy. As we inhale, we expand. We fill with aliveness and joy as we open up to infinite possibilities. Then, we exhale and let go of all the waste, all that we don’t need anymore in a surrendered out breath.

But most of us have forgotten how to BREATHE. We became small. On a deeper level, we were afraid to take a long, deep breath. And as we contracted, we locked all of our limiting thoughts and emotions deep into our body. We carved it into our cellular memory. Even if we don’t remember, we did this. And overtime, these thoughts and emotions became beliefs and patterns that rule our everyday life. We just keep running around in circles and can’t seem to find our way out. We don’t understand why all this is happening to us when often times we want the exact opposite.

When we start breathing fully again – taking deep, slow, connected breaths – we start to feel again. That means feeling all those emotions that we stuffed down and locked away into some remote part of ourselves. All these rise up with the breath so they can be seen and felt, transformed or released according to our intentions. It can be a beautiful, amazing experience, but sometimes it is scary or painful to look at. Either way, it is truly transformational.

When you start breathing fully, and an experienced breathworker guides you through this process in a gentle way, you are assured to safely land on a new threshold, wherever that is for you. You will be filled with gratitude and joy because you have undertaken this journey. Wherever you are, breathwork is a simple tool to take you to the next level.


Coming away from a sacred land and the nurturing community felt like leaving a womb, and now I feel like a newborn baby, a little raw and vulnerable in the midst of this new reality.

Being held by nature and like-minded people made it possible for me to open deeper and be able to give and receive more Love. But sometimes it was not easy to be there because everything is so clear, every mirror is so shiny that it is hard to look into them. It would be easier to stay in the familiar darkness. But at the same time, it feels safe to come out, knowing that you will be nourished and supported by the land and the people.

And when you are reborn, you celebrate together and share the joy just as you shared the journey together. Through this process, deep bonds are formed and you feel more connected to everything, you feel that there is no separation, that you are not alone, we are all ONE.

You are filled up with incredible joy and laughter as everything celebrates with you because you’ve come HOME. To a home which is inside yourself. Nobody can take it away. From now, you will always remember – no matter where you are – your home is within you. And when you realise this, all you want to do is to smile and share it with others so they can also remember that we are truly magnificent beings.

Thank You Pachamama

Thank You Clarity Breathwork.

And I thank myself for undertaking this journey back home. :)
To book a breath session or for a transformational retreat, visit www.dooroffreedom.com or www.pachamama.com


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