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Winter Issue 2016: A New Broom

by Amanda Sophia

Pail of bath products

By Amanda Collins

Feng Shui is all about having the most supportive, inspiring and healthiest home. One of the first steps to achieving these Feng Shui goals is to give your home a really good cleaning. But because Feng Shui also means living in harmony with the earth, your cleaning should use natural organic products that honour and nurture that

Using natural home cleaning products supports the sense of smell. Many cleaning products include natural essential oils, and thus will make your home smell nice by offering an ‘aromatherapy’ effect. Lavender is a natural disinfectant. Imagine getting your home clean while enjoying that beautiful relaxing aroma. You can even add a few drops to your clothes before they go into the dryer or a few drops in the vacuum cleaner.

Lemon is another magical essential oil. You can use a few drops on stains on your clothes, or add a few drops to a gallon of water when mopping your tile floors. Tea tree essential oil offers antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It works especially well to get rid of mildew and mould around the house.

By contrast, bleach and other chemicals in non-natural cleaning products can create smells and even toxic odours that are unbearable. Simple ingredients needed for making your own cleaning products include:

– Baking soda

– Citrus seed extract: Usually made from grapefruit seed, this natural preservative is a powerful antimicrobial agent. It is often sold as grapefruit seed extract

– Essential oils: lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, rosemary, eucalyptus or tea tree; thyme; lemon or lemongrass; and peppermint or citronella Cider Vinegar

And here are some great recipes for making your own natural cleaning products:

– All purpose cleaner: nine parts water to one part white vinegar

– For the Bathroom: 10 drops of tea tree oil and three cups of white vinegar. Add to your toilet bowl and let sit for 15 minutes.

– Fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar for a shower or bathtub cleaner. Leave for 30 minutes before
rinsing off.

– Glass Cleaner: Mix two cups water, 1/2 cup white or cider vinegar and one to two drops of lemon essential oil.

– Tile Grout Cleaner: Mix one part water and three parts baking soda mixed into a paste. Apply to grout and let sit; and then scrub.

– Cookware : Use sea salt with a little lemon juice or essential oil and scrub. Also, try baking soda and water made into a paste.

If you decide to purchase natural cleaning products instead of making them at home, there are just a couple of qualities to look out for:

– Nontoxic / Fragrance free
– Biobased / Reduced and recyclable packaging
– No VOCs / Pesticide Free
– Biodegradable

Feng Shui principles are becoming so widespread, you can get some great natural brands at the local health food store. Now even grocery stores carry them.


Amanda Sophia is a Feng Shui Master, Celtic Priestess, and self-love guide. She founded the International Feng Shui School and training program. Amanda’s sincere appreciation for community guided her to establish the Inner Circle of Feng Shui, a membership site that is a source of support, inspiration, and friendship. Members thrive through accessing joy, inviting miracles, and consciously pursue1 living as their greatest selves. Amanda Sophia founded the Priestess Awakening School, a year-long journey of The Celtic Wheel that leads participants inward to discover, cultivate, and embody their authentic wisdom and power. Using ancient rituals, Amanda guides women to reach a higher level of connectedness with themselves and nature. Amanda has studied wisdom traditions around the world and is a certified yoga teacher, shaman, and Celtic priestess. Her calling is to help people let go of old belief systems and awaken their inner joy. You are invited to access Amanda’s latest videos, webinars, podcasts, meditations, and online community anywhere in the world. After all, we are one, and all are welcome. Amanda Sophia has served notable clients such as Bloomingdales, Dreamworks, Bank of America, and Hewlett-Packard. All have reported breakthroughs with her Feng Shui consulting. She is frequently interviewed in the media and has appeared in Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE, Fox News, and KSWB-TV. Find out more about Amanda And her work here: https://joinamandasophia.com/ https://priestessawakening.com/ https://internationalfengshuischool.com/

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