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Prophecies from a Temple

by Admin

By Stewart Pearce

At the end of 2011, I embarked on a pilgrimage to visit the timeless Temples of Egypt. I moved through the awe-inspiring temples, sensing both the silence of mystery and the myriad voices that teem from the walls. I felt these ruinous but illustrious buildings as interstellar portals yielding forth the freedom that drives the culture and the people to the liberation they seek. Indeed, these hallowed halls were created by ancient beings whose vibration still lives in the whisper of their resurrection. For surely our loving reverence as we greet such sites is a reference to the fact that the mighty ones still live in our hearts: the gateway to our souls.

The loud voices of the Egyptian Gods and the great alchemist Thoth speak while unseen priests teem through the ancient porticos with their shaved heads and white tunics, bringing offerings of fruit and incense to enchant our connection with the divine. They all remind us that life is evolutionary, if we so live through the quickened pulse of our spirit.

While meditating in Medinet Habu, the Temple of Thoth, I received prophecy for the year of 2012 about health, wealth, and relationship issues. We will experience an acceleration of change within our physical bodies as we cultivate new regimes for eliminating disease. More so, discovery of regenerative cellular processes will change the notion of ageing and old Western medicinal procedures will become history.

As we experience the higher frequencies of our evolving galaxy, which currently finishes a cycle of 26,000 years, our focus will be taken away from our vulnerability towards disease created by stress – as we live in the higher frequencies where our soul’s intelligence reigns supreme. So, the production of laboratory-made diseases will cease. Therefore, we will see increased visitation from extraterrestrial beings that bring alleviation from the poisons that fill our atmosphere, such as radioactivity and other gamma rays that create disease. In conclusion, as we develop ‘sound’ bodies, we will utilise the healing power of sound to bring us back to harmony.

Debt and the belief in scarcity will be removed from our consciousness as we move into co-creative social behaviour. In truth, within the source – infinitely unfolding creative possibility full of love and joy – there is no scarcity, and so we will remember that we are sorcerers, drawing our abundant creative energies from its wise and bountiful presence. Through this belief, wealth will be redistributed, and abundance will be restored from a belief in the purity of the force, rather than the current heavy reliance on other thought paradigms or substances like fossil fuels.

New discoveries within the field of information technology will abound, allowing communication devices and social networking to permit access to anyone anywhere at anytime. And through the achievements within the science of holography, the innovation of teleportation will arise, for through holograms we allow instantaneous connection with past and future events. This increased communication means that working competitively will result in us managing our lives collaboratively, and so everyone benefits. This satisfaction of shared commerce means no one is needy as the energy of love proliferates.

Nourished by these foretellings, I hope you have all the love and abundance you need, and may you create, and create and create.


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