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The Wisdom of Adamus: An Interview with Geoffrey A. Hoppe and Linda Hoppe

by Aisling Cronin

One of the most exciting features in our Autumn 2020 issue was an interview with Geoff and Linda Hoppe, founders of the Crimson Circle. We previously shared a sneak peek of this article to our website, and today, we’re sharing the whole thing! Read it below.

The Wisdom of Adamus

An interview with Geoffrey A. Hoppe and Linda Hoppe

by Aisling Cronin

Interviewer: Paul Congdon

Geoffrey A. Hoppe is the founder of The Crimson Circle – a spiritual development group based in Colorado, USA – and channeller of the ascended master, Adamus Saint Germain.

He was born and raised in the Midwest United States, as part of a large Catholic family. His interest in spirituality and metaphysics began when he was 19 years old, as he practised hypnotism with a friend. While in a trance state, Geoffrey’s friend began to recount a series of previous lifetimes – an occurrence which startled them both!

This prompted Geoffrey to immerse himself into the study of metaphysics and religion for the following few years. His spiritual journey then receded into the background for nearly 20 years, as his business career became steadily more demanding.

Geoffrey worked for several advertising agencies and manufacturing companies in the Midwest and Texas in senior marketing positions. His wife, Linda, is a gifted artist, who wrote a ground-breaking curriculum for Texas’ first high school honours Art Education program. Her artistic talents saw her assume the role of Fashion Merchandise Manager with a Fortune 500 company, helping to set the styles and designs for each upcoming season. She also served as manager for Geoffrey’s marketing consulting company for several years.

Geoffrey and Linda met in high school and were married in 1977. We were thrilled to interview them for Positive Nights recently, as we got to learn more about their amazing journey.

Geoffrey’s guide, Tobias, first presented himself to Geoffrey in 1997 on an aeroplane flight.

Geoffrey explains that Tobias is an angelic being who has incarnated on Earth many times, most notably as Tobit, one of the main characters in the biblical Book of Tobit. He and Geoffrey communicated for nearly a year before Geoffrey finally told Linda about his “invisible friend”!

Soon after this, Tobias started working with clients of a local psychologist, providing deep insights into their past lives and current challenges. Geoffrey founded the Crimson Circle in 1999, to share the teachings that were rapidly flowing through him. He now channels the famous ascended master Adamus Saint-Germain.

When speaking about the moment she found out about Tobias, Linda said, ‘We’d been married for quite a while at that point, and I love Geoff. It was surprising – it was nothing I could have imagined – but when he approached me on it, his honesty and his vulnerability were so strong, there was no way I couldn’t be open to it. When Geoff started channelling, the material really struck a chord with me.’

On the switch from Tobias to Saint Germain, Geoff said, ‘it was the last thing we could have expected, as I’d been working with Tobias for ten years. One day, he announced that he would be leaving, so that he could have another incarnation on the planet! He wanted to come back, live another life, and just enjoy it. He said that Saint Germain would be taking over. It was such a strange thing: Saint Germain came in, used the name “Adamus”, and I soon learned that he was totally different from Tobias! When I was channelling, he wanted me to keep my eyes open, walk around the room, interact with people … over the ten years I’d been channelling Tobias, I had always been seated, with my eyes closed.”

Geoff explained that “Adamus” is a facet of Saint Germain that this well-known ascended master uses to express himself in the Crimson Circle. His teachings are designed to bring about rapid awakening … and according to Geoff and Linda, he is quite an outspoken and fiery teacher!

One thing that often surprises those who are new to the Crimson Circle – but who may be familiar with other spiritual teachings – is that Adamus doesn’t agree with the concept of “dimensions” as we often think of them.

‘The way he talks about it is that what we call dimensions – putting layers and levels onto our experience – are simply senses. He says we have different ways of sensing things. We don’t have to work at self-realisation – ultimately, realisation is just allowing a very natural process to take place. Don’t try to plan your enlightenment from a human perspective. Just get out of your own way and allow yourself to be. In the Crimson Circle, we use the phrase “relax into realisation”.’

Adamus is passionate about urging people to relax deeply into their true natures, rather than fighting against their perceived failures.

‘We actually have a course called Dreamwalk of Death, in which Adamus talks specifically about death, and what it is,’ Geoff shared with us. ‘He’s always laughing and saying, “Earth is the hard part, not transitioning to the higher realms!” He emphasises that deep down, we are used to the death process. We’ve done it thousands of times in previous incarnations, but humans fear death because we fear the loss of our identity – in some cases, we fear judgment once we arrive on the “other side.” Adamus makes it clear that in reality, we are not met by a judgemental, court-like situation when we cross over. Often, people take a while to realise that they’ve died, because from the soul’s perspective, it’s just not that big a deal!’

The process of relaxing into realisation can look different for everyone who experiences it, but the greatest defining feature of this journey that Linda and Geoff have witnessed over the years is a feeling of freedom. ‘There are no longer great battles within – you’ve come to full acceptance. You’ve come to terms with yourself.’

You can watch our full interview with Geoff and Linda on our YouTube channel – just click here to view it.


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