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Sharing the Light

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By Roisin Fitzpatrick

A few years ago I was lucky enough to have a near-death experience from a brain aneurysm. It changed my life. I know it sounds strange to say I was lucky, but that is how I truly feel. Just before this happened, I had asked the universe to make me a clear channel, but I forgot to add the word ‘gently’! There is no better way of discovering what life is really all about by being brought beyond the illusion of this world and facing a so-called death.

While I was out of my body, I connected with the ‘oneness’ Eastern philosophies speak about – it was alive, vibrant and infinite. I made the choice to come back and fully integrate all of this energy and live my life from my heart, and share the beauty of this light with people. Now, I share this by being an artist – the Artist of the Light. Evoking a sense of serenity and peace, my primary intention is to introduce and share the bliss and beauty of the light, and create a greater sense of wellbeing in both residential and corporate environments. I use natural silks and fine crystals to maximize the reflection and refraction of light – my art fuses light and imagery.

Life seems so simple now. It is about coming from the heart, treating everyone with respect, sharing the light that is within us all, and giving back in whatever way we can.  For me, it is through art and by donating art to raise funds for different charities.

Already there have been six exhibitions in Manhattan over the past couple of years. The art has been endorsed by fantastic people, such as Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, and it has received critical acclaim from many newspapers and magazines. Even Richard Branson has my art in his New York resort. In 2012, there will be more exhibitions in the US.

The greatest gift from this experience is that now I see everyone and everything as pure light and energy. When I fully trust and choose to come from my soul, filled with this beautiful love and light, that is when magic and miracles are created: far exceeding my wildest dreams.

By sharing this light through the artwork, people are experiencing this sense of inner peace, serenity and wellbeing. I love creating the art and then seeing when someone really connects with it: I literally see the person transform in front of my eyes and light up from within.  So careful what you wish for… it might just happen.


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