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Which Herbs Can Heal? Marina Kesso

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Marina Kesso Herbs

Healing Herbs, Marina Kesso

Marina Kesso Herbs

There is a calmness and serene scented beauty emanating from all of the miraculously colour-blended plants that flow across my vision. Two endearing herbs: Lemon Balm, who is an uplifting and relaxant mood enhancer, and Scullcap, who, with his elfin hat and spreading caloricity, eases the overactive mind.

Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) gazes fondly and protectively over her children, giving guidance to all other herbs and humans alike. Three bright sisters – Marigolds for anti-inflammatory healing creams,  Inulas for respiratory conditions, and Marshmallows for soothing digestive disorders – are all about to flower.

A massive, calming Nepeta, simply holding a number of leaves and young tops, imbues my senses and relieves any impending stress and tension that might affect my lower digestive tract.

Meandering through our herb garden always enhances a myriad of soothing emotions, and strengthens my understanding of Nature’s benevolence.

Growing and using medicinal plants can be as small-scale and simple as you wish. Potted plants on a balcony or at the back door are a must for a healing cup of tea and a sense and scent of their aroma and tranquil beauty. Why not get more adventurous by creating creams and tinctures from plants out of your own herb garden? The transubstantiation from plant to healing substance alludes to the changing seasons and the bountiful gifts of the earth.

Bareroot Botanicals is a medicinal plant nursery created and cared for by Herbalists Marina Kesso and Ross Hennessy in north county Sligo.


Tel: 0876272633

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