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23 July: Get on Board with Good – The SCOOP Foundation’s Night of Comedy, Talks, Live Street Art & Music

by Elva Carri

SCOOP kick off their fundraising campaign this Wednesday

scoop school varanasi

The kindergarten kids performing a play at the current SCOOP school in Varanasi, India

The Party

To launch their Crowd-funding Campaign for a very special project in Varanasi in India, the SCOOP Foundation are hosting a night of comedy, talks, live street art, live music and drinks on Wednesday the 23rd of July from 6-10pm in BLOCK T on Smithfield Square, Dublin. Entry is a €10 donation and entitles the guest to free Tiger Beer. The event is also BYOB.

The Reason

SCOOP have already built schools in Cambodia and India to Support Children Out Of Poverty (SCOOP) and now they’re going to build an entire educational care centre and home for street children. The kids will get more than just an education and some classrooms, they’ll be given a home, support and an organic farm to grow their own food and create a sustainable community. SCOOP have already acquired two acres of land for the initiative and working with Irish architects will create a place where children can be children, where they can play, live, learn and develop away from the difficult life on the streets that they have come from. Education empowers them to carry this forward too and bring the benefits to others and one of the most powerful ways to make a difference.

The Art

On the night, there’ll also be specially created street art peices from some of Ireland’s and the world’s best creators. Contributors include Ireland’s ADW, DMC, Danleo, Solus and Fox, the legendary Spanish artist Senor X and US stars Nils Westergard, Mint n Serf and Royce. When the kids in SCOOP’s current school in Varanasi heard about all this, they wanted in. So they’ve also created artworks that SCOOP have made into posters and will also be available on the night for a donation. I am personally more excited about getting my hands on these, ever the outsider art enthusiast.

The Video


Support Children Out Of Poverty (SCOOP), founded by Andrew Sweeney, are a young and fresh thinking non-profit organisation working and creating out of Dublin, Ireland, but building schools and supporting education in the Developing World. Harnessing the powers of technology and social media, SCOOP are moving away from the manipulative advertising or street agent tactics of other organisations to connect with supporters in a meaningful way and create lasting change, transparency and open communication at all levels of the organisation and its work. SCOOP’s ethos is to keep it positive.

scoopfoundation.com | Facebook Event Page | Twitter

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