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Remote Viewing & Project STARGATE: Interview with Lyn Buchanan, Psychic Spy

by Patrick

eye-001An interview with Lyn Buchanan, ex-“psychic spy”.

by Paul O’Connor

In 1995, declassified CIA documents revealed the existence of a 23-year, Top-Secret, US Army psychic spying program, codenamed Project STARGATE. The program developed and applied a technique called Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), a trained skill that enables a person to access information about objects, persons or events at any location in time or space. Lyn Buchanan, remote viewer and trainer in the original US Army unit, came to Dublin recently and provided us with this exclusive interview.

Paul: What is remote viewing or Controlled Remote Viewing?

Lyn B: Controlled Remote Viewing has to do with personality. It’s a science that was developed at Stanford Research Institute, but it’s based on, believe it or not, a martial art. It is a science in how to connect the conscious and subconscious minds. It was used for espionage purposes because, somehow, the subconscious mind seems to know what’s going on around the world.

The subconscious mind knows things that are beyond the normal six senses, and the seventh sense of ‘ambience’, but the subconscious somehow knows what’s going on in Africa, and Europe and Russia, and all that, right now, plus what will happen in the future and what has happened in the past. And once you can access the subconscious mind, you have access to all that information.

POC: So, what then is the difference between remote viewing and Controlled Remote Viewing?

LynB: Remote viewing is a New Age term for ‘psychic’, and so when you hear someone say they are a ‘remote viewer’, it means that they are a psychic. I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m simply saying that, once the science of Controlled Remote Viewing came out and became public, everyone started jumping on the bandwagon to associate themselves with the scientific credibility. And so, all of a sudden, you had ‘Crystal Ball Remote Viewers’ and Palm  Remote Viewers and Aura Remote Viewers, and all of this, none of which follow the science which is called Controlled Remote Viewing.

POC: When or how was CRV developed? We hear a lot that the CIA was involved…

LynB: The CIA originally funded the research into this because they found out the Russians had psychic spies, and the psychic spies that Russia had were extremely good at getting our classified information. When the Hitler regime fell, the US rushed in and got all of the nuclear and rocket scientists. Well, Russia was grabbing for scientists all along, and they took the scientists from a project that Hitler had which was called ‘Doktor Grunbaum’. Hitler was very interested in Hebrew mysticism. He was after the Ark of the Covenant and the Chalice (Grail) and so forth. He was interested in that and started a project and had scientists developing things like mind control, psychic spying and such as that. The Russians grabbed those scientists and started developing psychic spying and also, what they called, ‘hypnosis-at-a-distance’, where you could sit down at your kitchen table and hypnotise someone half ways around the world without them even knowing it. And the Russians were heavily into that. When the CIA found out that they were getting our secrets, and influencing our people, then they said “If the Russians have, we have to have it too”. So, they started funding the research at Stanford Research Institute.

POC: Speaking of secrets, just how secret was this whole program?

LynB: The funding was classified as SECRET SAP, which means SECRET Special Access Project. But the Controlled Remote Viewing process itself was never classified. What was classified was the fact that the Government was funding the research, was actually using remote viewers and had a remote viewing unit, and was using them to spy on foreign governments and foreign military installations.

POC: How long were you involved in the program?

LynB: I was in the program eight and a half years. I got drawn into the program because of a (psychokinetic) incident that happened over in Germany, much of which is still classified. After about four years in the unit, I became the trainer of the unit and was a remote viewer, was the trainer of incoming personnel, as well as property book holder and so forth. It was a very small unit and each of us had ten or twenty different jobs.

POC: When the project was declassified in 1995 following the AIR Report, did you then go into offering CRV as a service?

LynB: No. I had actually been teaching the Controlled Remote Viewing after I got out of the service. Because the process was not classified, I was allowed to teach that process, but only to those high-level government officials who had enough clearance to know that such a thing existed.

POC: What’s involved in actually learning CRV (within the workshop process)?

LynB: We teach the basics of controlled remote viewing in a three day class. Now, the class doesn’t end with those three days of classroom time, because we continue the training over the internet. We give the person time enough to integrate all of the basics into their system, to learn to communicate with their subconscious mind, and to learn how to carry on dialogues with their subconscious and gain accuracy. Then, we teach an Intermediate level class which teaches them how to use what they have learned in real-world applications. We also teach an Advanced class which teaches the extremely useful tasks that the world may require of a viewer, such as demographics, economic projections, map dowsing and things like that.

We are also the only trainers who teach remote viewing teams for different corporations and agencies. So, we train Project Managers, Analysts, Monitors, Report Writers, and we train a Security course, because most companies and agencies don’t want anyone knowing that they have a remote viewing team or department within them. So, we teach all facets of the process so a company or an agency or a government can develop their own, complete, stand-alone, remote viewing unit.

POC: Are other governments using CRV, or are they using variations?

LynB: There are some that are using variations of CRV. The US, as far as I can find out now (because once you retire they quit telling you things!), is no longer using it in a governmental capacity. But, every government around the world that I know of has, these days, a psychic spying team. Even the government of San Marino has their one person sitting there.

POC: Who we won’t name!

LynB: Yeah, that’s right (laughs). And, of course, the Vatican has theirs too…

POC: You mentioned also that the Mafia and some of the Colombian drug groups have developed their own teams.

LynB: Oh, yeah. Absolutely!

POC: You mentioned that the training prepares people for real-world applications. Can you give some examples of how somebody could use Controlled Remote Viewing in business or life, and how they could apply it themselves?

LynB: The applications are varied and many. Of course, it was developed to train soldiers so they would have an intelligence advantage over the enemy and they had planned to send the soldiers back to their various units so they could tell their commanders what’s over the hill and where to point the guns and what’s coming tomorrow, etc. We used it strategically to know what, for example, Saddam Hussein was going to do and we passed up information up the chain of command as regards his activities for the next day so our intelligence group knew what he was going to do a day before he did it. The man never stood a chance.

Once it moved over into the civilian world, the first application was police work and, in fact, we were doing some police work before it became public. The business world realised that we could give projections on projects. Let’s say that they can only fund one of their five projects. We can tell them which one will be successful and which one’s wont, which ones will make a profit, and so on. We have used this to find missing children, missing persons and missing evidence for the police. We use this in archaeological situations quite a bit. We have students who have come for the very simple reason of wanting to use this for gambling, and for winning the lottery, and we’ve had success in that field as well. We have done space exploration, moon exploration, future developments. We have done a lot of unveiling of unfindable information about the past for writers and historians.

The thing is, that once you get in touch with your subconscious mind, it not only has the ability to know what’s going on out in the world, it also knows why you do the things you don’t want to do but you wind up doing them anyway, and why you don’t do the things you want to do and wind up not doing them. It knows what your phone number was when you were three years old. It knows everything about you. And, because it knows, and because you can carry out dialogue with it, you can use it for self-healing and self-improvement. The subconscious mind acts, not only as a gateway to the world, but also to your inner self.

These are just a few of the applications we have for Controlled Remote Viewing.

POC: So, you’re saying there’s an actual value, in terms of personal self-development, in learning Controlled Remote Viewing?

LynB: There are tremendous benefits for it. Now, I would never advertise this as a self-help course. If you want self-help courses, there are a lot easier ways than to go through three years of Controlled Remote Viewing training. But, the benefits to the person, if they learn to use it to simply remote view themselves, and their deeper selves, can be phenomenal.

POC: They way you talk about applications are you saying we can remote view the future and can operate outside of time?

LynB: Yeah! Now, I don’t know about ‘remote viewing’, the psychic part, but in CRV, the science, time is treated in exactly the same way as any other dimension. It’s as easy to say to a viewer “Move five years forward” as it is to say “Move five feet forward”. And it’s just as easy to say “Move ten feet back” as it is to say “Move ten years back”.

POC: So that would suggest that CRV is a non-local phenomenon.

LynB: Yes. Absolutely.

POC: How established is CRV in Ireland?

LynB: We have appeared on the Gerry Ryan Radio Show many times, which is a high point in my life. I love that guy! He’s fantastic! He’s one of the best radio personalities I’ve ever met! We have taught classes in Ireland (since 2007) and have now about twenty CRV’ers trained to different levels. We also did the largest remote viewing experiment in recorded history on the Gerry Ryan Show, where we had something like 35,000 Irish people predict the performance of a stock for the next day and they (49% of them) predicted correctly. So, Ireland is not only a fantastic place, it’s also learning about remote viewing now.

POC: If governments are using this, and if it can be used for looking at real events and things that have happened, can it also be used to explore anomalous phenomena, such as unusual energies or UFO sightings, or things like that?

LynB: Yes, it can. However, that comes with a caution. Just because you think you get (an idea or impression of) something in a remote viewing session doesn’t make it true. And you notice I used ‘remote viewing’ and not ‘Controlled Remote Viewing’? Controlled Remote Viewing is a science so, when we teach, we never use targets that don’t have any feedback. Those are called ‘esoteric targets’. UFO’s, the Galactic Council Headquarters on the planet Scooby Doo and what was the shape of Jesus’ beard, don’t have feedback. We train every viewer with things that have accurate feedback. We have them do their CRV session and then we pull out the feedback (picture/information) immediately and we go through the list saying “Look, you got this right and you got this wrong. Here’s your weakness and here’s your strengths”, etc. We database everything. Once a viewer has a good, solid track record, so that we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt that they have an 80% accuracy in colours, 90% accuracy in shapes and we know their accuracies for the different kinds of information, only THEN can we give them esoteric targets and know how much to depend on their answer. If you just go to a psychic or a ‘remote viewer’, and they do their session, you don’t know whether they are accurate or not. There’s no track record. There’s no databasing. There’s no science to it. The difference between CRV and what everyone is calling ‘remote viewing’ is that we are scientific, we have accurate records, we have a databased track record of strengths and weaknesses for every viewer and it’s dependable.

POC: Can you give any examples of where CRV has been used to investigate an anomalous phenomenon, such as a UFO sighting or event?

LynB: Oh, yeah. Let me preface this; with highly trained and highly documented CRV’ers, we have done UFO sightings. We have done State Department-type ‘Area Books’ for research into other planets, and the cultures on other planets, the reason being that ‘First Contact’ situations are always the most dangerous. The State Department Area Books teach you about a culture before you get there, so that you don’t make mistakes. And so, we can do the same thing for cultures that we will meet on other planets, and we’ve been doing that.

POC: You don’t want to go shake the alien’s head instead of its hand!

LynB: Yeah! (laughs)

POC: What is the one thing that stands out for you, having trained and experienced CRV? Is there a particular event or case that you worked that shines out for you, above all others, as being deeply significant?
LynB: There are actually three. We did a lot of work, we saved a lot of lives and we uncovered a lot of things. One; I was doing this session on Saddam Hussein’s plans and intentions for the next day and found out that he had a US-made rocket that had been stolen, and was aimed at Mecca for the Haj and, on the feast of Ramadan, he was going to lob this rocket into there, kill all of the leaders of the Arab world, and of course, he would be sick that day, or something like that, so he couldn’t go, and that would leave him as leader of the Arab world to do a jihad on America. That information was passed on up and they found the rocket and it didn’t happen. If it had, the ‘free world’ would be no longer free right now because, the way things were at the time, the ‘free world’ did not have the ability to fight the Muslim nations gathered together and win. Now we can.

The second one; the Russians had a ‘destruction machine’, an energy device, and we were tasked to find out what was going on inside the beam.

Paul: So, was it like a beam weapon?

LynB: Yeah, it was a beam weapon. And of course, if you put anything inside the beam it’s immediately destroyed. This thing could blow a hole through a mountain! So, they decided “Well, lets see if a remote viewer can step into the beam and find out what’s going on.” I thought that would be neat, so I volunteered for it. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life, and I won’t even try to describe it, because it was totally indescribable. Time itself was all screwed up inside that beam. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. But, it was also quite strange because Time would keep breaking-up and I would see myself all the way through my entire life, forward and backward. Then, once I saw that, I would all of a sudden be ‘me’ again. Time kept getting screwed up. Anyway, it was the most beautiful and most amazing thing I have ever seen.

The one that had the most effect on me was a practice session one day, when we were doing personality assessments. Now, they had given me personality assessments before on all these foreign leaders and mafia people and everything else, and it was really getting me down. I went in and complained about it and my director said “Hey, you’re a soldier. Do your job and shuddup.” Well, I guess about a week later, they gave me this practice target. I didn’t know it was a practice target. They just said it was a personality assessment. When I started I got this feeling like I’ve never had before and my first comment was “Whatever bad thing you think this guy’s did, he didn’t do it. This guys innocent. So, I went through the entire session and by the end of the session I felt like I was just glowing! I had never met anyone before like this in my entire life. My summation was “Whatever evil you think this guy did, he didn’t do it.” When we finished the session my monitor opened the envelope and he said “Oh,” and he showed me the piece of paper for the tasking, and it was just a simple sheet of paper and, in the middle, was written “Jesus”. I did a personality assessment and probably met Jesus in a way that nobody on earth yet has met in recent times, you know, because I met him directly. In fact, I got a personality assessment on myself in the process and I wasn’t proud of what I was in that presence. The thing that got me most was that he didn’t condemn me for anything I did that was bad. He didn’t praise me for anything I did that was good. He just accepted me. There is something life-changing to find out that God accepts you. That one session changed my life more than any other.

Paul: It’s many years now since you left the army. Yet you’re still very passionate about something that you were trained in as a military tool. What is your hope or your dream for Controlled Remote Viewing?

LynB: Well, I hope it changes humanity, or enough of humanity to make a difference in the world. You’re right; I still have a passion for it. I’m not surprised by anything that happens in a remote viewing session anymore (and I’ve seen some really, really strange things happen!). But, even though I’m not surprised that much anymore, if I ever quit being fascinated with it, I’ll quit and go back to programming computers! That’s what I was doing beforehand anyway. There’s more money in it (laughs)!

One of the biggest joys of teaching remote viewing is that moment when a student realises that they are more than they have ever known before, and that they can actually do this and that they actually can have access to the Universe, and all space and time. When that moment happens, you can see it on their face. And that’s the moment I live for in the training. So, like I say, I’m not surprised by hardly anything that happens anymore because I’ve seen so much of it. But, if I ever quit being amazed by it, well…, I don’t think I’ll ever quit being amazed by it. It’s just not going to happen.

Lyn Buchanan is the author of ‘The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing’and is an ordained Methodist Minister. Paul O’Connor is a Director of PSI: Pure Stream Information, the first professional remote viewing company in Europe. For training details contact Paul at oconnor@iol.ie or tel: 087 8149663

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