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This Dublin Photographer’s Beautiful Images Will Blow You Away

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Ewelina Wu is a Dublin-based photographer and graphic designer whose pictures contain an unmistakable touch of magic. We interviewed her to find out more about her work and the passion that drives her to produce her wonderful, heartfelt images.


Ewelina Wu’s attitude towards her photography and design work can best be described as an attitude of open-minded curiosity. Like many artists, her work is driven by a desire to access a deeper sense of truth that is not always available to us in our everyday lives. She aims to highlight the true essences of those who appear within her photographs.

‘For me, one of the most rewarding things about my job is when someone sees something in my pictures that they don’t normally see in themselves,’ she explains, ‘like a hidden beauty they had never realised was there.’

Ewelina approaches her work with great care and sensitivity, and she has a gift for illuminating the joy, the complexity and the deep humanity of her subjects. One clear example of this was her work on the Dublin leg of the World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment Day, which took place in Dublin city centre on September 23rd.

This day aimed to answer the question: where has human connection gone? Ewelina explored the profound nuances of this question in many different ways.


Her photographs offer viewers a sense of the heartfelt experiences that participants had during the day. ‘It was such a powerful experience,’ she shares. ‘I was sometimes on the outside of it, taking pictures, and sometimes right in the middle of the group, sharing a moment of connection with somebody. I loved that: I loved playing an active role in the scene I was trying to capture.’


Gentle moments of connection and understanding are honoured in Ewelina’s gorgeous images.


Ewelina’s photographic prowess was also very much in evidence during the recent Vitality Expo in Dublin’s RDS, when she brought the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the day to life.


‘Another event I worked on recently was an amazing dance event run by Zouk Retreat,’ she says, ‘and I really enjoyed it. Working on a wide variety of different events helps me to explore life from a lot of different angles.’

In her Zouk Retreat photographs, the simple yet far-reaching joy of human connection was once again to the fore.


The vibrant atmosphere of the retreat is powerfully brought to life in the mind’s eye of the viewer.


Ewelina pours great devotion and love into her craft … and the stunning results of this are plain to see! To learn more about Ewelina and her work, visit her website or Facebook page.



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