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We Recommend: The Open Minds Conference 2018

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The Open Minds Conference: Bringing Changemakers Together

If you’re looking for an event that is sure to inspire you, look no further than the Open Minds Conference 2018, scheduled to take place in Dooley’s Hotel, Co. Waterford, from Friday November 2nd to Sunday November 4th. We spoke to two of the Conference speakers to learn more!

The Open Minds Conference: Bringing Changemakers Together

Earlier this year, the Open Minds Conference – a much-anticipated health, spirituality, and global issues event, which was set to feature a wide array of Irish and international speakers – had to be postponed due to the arrival of the Beast From the East. However, this did not deter the tenacious team behind the Conference, who have now arranged for it to take place from November 2nd to the 4th instead. The venue is Dooley’s Hotel. Co. Waterford.

The Conference promises to offer something for everyone. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, environmental or social activist, free thinker, or a person just beginning to question the world around you, the range of talks available at this event will have you covered.

The list of speakers include cancer survivor and author Bernadette Bohan, Aisling Fitzgibbon (known for her activist role as The Girl Against Fluoride), musical truth author Mark Devlin, hypnotherapist Tom Ryan and Garda whistleblower John Wilson. Click here to access the programme.

One of the speakers is Andy Thomas, acclaimed author of The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies. He will be delivering two talks: ‘A History of Conspiracies’ on Saturday November 3rd and ‘Navigating Complex Times’ on Sunday November 4th. Andy has lectured extensively across Britain and around the world, covering subjects such as ancient history, British folklore and popular conspiracy theories.

In a telephone conversation with us, he explained, ‘I first became interested in the area of ancient mysteries and hidden history over thirty years ago. As I learned more, I gradually became aware that these things weren’t being reflected or reported on in the mainstream media. I could see that there was a mismatch between reality and what we are told is reality, and this was something I wanted to investigate. I wanted to figure out what was true and wasn’t true, and this desire has always driven my work forward over the years.’

Mary Helen Hensley – author of the recently-released book Bringing Death to Life (co-authored by Aidan Storey, Patricia Scanlan and Pamela Young) – is another speaker whose talk is a must-see. Her topic is ‘Life After Death Experiences’. This talk will offer attendees a fascinating insight into near-death experiences, and how those who have experienced them integrate their new perspectives into their everyday lives.

‘I was in an accident in 1991, during which I was hit at 75 miles an hour and had a near-death experience,’ Mary Helen says. ‘I had always felt connected to the ‘other side’ – even when I was very young – but after that accident, I found that I had certain abilities that I hadn’t had prior to the accident. I was able to touch somebody and kind of download their ‘hard drive’, in a sense: I could understand what was happening to them, or what had happened to them at some time in the past. These days, I work a lot with people’s energy frequencies: I describe myself as a glorified window-washer! My role is to basically wash away the debris that has accumulated on my clients’ ‘windscreens’ so that they can more clearly see their own path ahead.’

Many more subjects will be discussed during the Conference: the hidden mysteries of ancient Ireland, recent banking and eviction controversies, how you can protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, the evolution of activism, and the hidden potentials of specific sound waves, to name just a few. The event programme and list of speakers will give you all of the details!

The Open Minds Conference certainly promises to be a mind-expanding experience, inviting attendees to consider a broad range of perspectives that they may never have heard of or considered before. The video below – featuring the conference’s Executive Producer Trevor Eivers – will give you an idea of exactly what you can expect.

Trevor sums up the event by saying, ‘be prepared for a life changing experience, and to feel an amazing energy and vibration – the ripples of which will spread far and wide.’

To learn more about the Open Minds Conference 2018, check out their website or Facebook page. You can learn more about Andy Thomas’ work by visiting truthagenda.org, while Mary Helen Hensley’s website is maryhelenhensley.com.

Click here to book your tickets to the Conference.

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