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Kim Bellisimo On the Loop of Creation

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Kim Bellisimo M.A. teaches individuals, families and businesses how to create success in their work, relationships, finances, and lives. In our Spring 2021 issue, she kindly shared with us this excerpt from her upcoming book, ‘From Chaos to Creativity: The Art and Practice of the EnergyWorks Method’, which will soon be published by Turning Stone Press.

The Loop of Creation

A sneak peek of an amazing book

The mind is racing constantly. Pictures (mental images) and thoughts about the past and future pop up in your mind non-stop. The mind is relentless, keeping you trapped in all sorts of false realities in different spaces and times.

EnergyWorks was created after a lifetime of living in survival mode. I grew up in poverty, scavenging for household items at the dump. To make matters worse, I had a severe learning disability and was taunted by my teachers.

In 2006, I received a gift from God in the form of the EnergyWorks method. When I placed my Attention within my Heart, I opened to the Wisdom of the Heart, pulling in four fields of energy that overlap and move and flow, creating the symbol, The EnergyWorks Loop of Movement and Flow, also known as “The Loop” or The Blueprint of Creation. 

When The Loop is activated and energy is flowing, The Loop becomes the blueprint of creation and manifestation. As an intuitive, when I ‘read” people’ (either in person or remotely), I am reading The Loop within them. I can tell where someone’s energy has gotten stuck, and how to help them, so that their energy can move and flow again. The EnergyWorks method takes you on a journey of the Heart, moving and flowing energy through The Loop, which is how you transform and grow.


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