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Yoga – Health Benefits for Stress, Anxiety, Posture & Even Weight Loss

by Patrick

pl_full_web_page_32_image_0001Unfortunately, too many of us discover Yoga after we have experienced some form of suffering, either physical or mental. Stress and anxiety, problems with posture and our weight all stem from bad habits and unsuitable surroundings.

From minor discomforts grow more serious ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or cancer. Many of us feel the way we are living our lives needs to change, that we need to be able to overcome worries or unhappiness. Yoga can be the path to a better life.

Yoga has moved on from its image of hippies in baggy pants drinking herbal tea. Yoga and Yoga classes are becoming more and more accessible to everyone with many schools and community centres running their own Yoga classes. Dedicated Yoga venues are opening up in many towns and every good gym now offers Yoga classes to their clients.

Yoga is an ancient method for keeping the body and mind toned and it is perfectly compatible with modern life as we live it in the western world. It provides us with a tool to help us cope with stressful times and shows us a way to act in these moments with freedom and serenity.

Yoga is not a miracle cure, but by combining physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves it can change the way we think and act. Yoga can also teach us to understand and explore areas of tension and imbalances which allows us to counteract aches and pains and to relax. The whole body will be more toned and flexible while your mind will be calmer and more at ease.

Yoga teaches us how to hold the body whilst moving or still. It also reminds us of the importance of breath and guides us back towards our own lost ability of breathing freely. Yoga can be an eye opener, helping to reconnect the body, mind and soul. It is necessary that each Yoga teacher provides the support, knowledge and confidence needed during the class. At times Yoga can be difficult but with the right modifications for each student’s safety and wellbeing it is possible for everyone to experience a wonderful Yoga practice.

The Yoga Therapy and Training Centre – YTTC is an internationally recognised school of Yoga founded to meet the demands for professional Yoga training in Ireland and abroad. The YTTC runs Yoga Teaching Diploma Courses for different levels of Yoga. These provide the training and experience which will deepen the trainee’s knowledge and make it possible for them to pursue a career as a professional Yoga teacher. For more information please visit us at www.yogaireland.com

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