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Therapists tell us their success stories with THERAGEM

by Patrick

pl_full_web_page_30_image_0001As the field of complementary health continues to grow, the Theragem has emerged as an exciting new therapy which uses natural wave frequency, colour, light and crystalline energy to help with a wide range of ailments.
Since the late 1980’s, advocates of the science of combining crystalline energy, light, colour and frequency have continued to develop this therapy.  It successfully blends ancient wisdom with modern technology and a wealth of clinical research has been built up demonstrating its effectiveness in treating a wide range of physical and mental illnesses.   It is beginning to gain popularity and recognition among doctors and practitioners across Europe and the United States.

One Dublin based therapist, Niamh O’Brien introduced the Theragem to her practice earlier this year.  Changing from a background in computers, she knew her real passion was in complementary medicine.  She embarked on a 4 year Diploma in Naturopathy and Acupuncture with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dublin.  In 2007, she established her own clinic treating clients with Chinese Medicine.  She has since acquired the Theragem and uses it in conjunction with Acupuncture.
“As an Acupuncturist and Naturopath, I am always exploring different avenues of complementary health and the benefits they can bring to my practice.   I had read a lot about energy medicine before coming across the Theragem.  It didn’t take much research for me to realise that this was a therapy I wished to train in and add to my field”.
Niamh is very enthusiastic about the Theragem, citing some of the many successes she has already witnessed in her practice:
“The results I am having with my clients are wonderful.   One client who was told her open sore would take approximately 3-4 months to close came to me, and in just 4 twenty minute sessions using the Theragem, the wound healed.   A lady with osteoarthritis, who could not bend her knee, was able to walk up the stairs after 3 sessions.  Just last week, a new client to the therapy found relief from chronic sinus problems after just one treatment!   In particular, I am getting great results with sports injuries – inflamed conditions, sprains, strains and tears”.

Another practitioner inspired by the effective results of the Theragem is Michael Morrison, based in Co. Wexford.  His own personal illness led him on a journey to the field of energy medicine.  Leaving a teaching post in UCD, Michael started a family business – Tuan Health Sancutary, working with both the Theragem and the Viofor machines.  Michael was “in the power of conventional medicine for 25 years” in an effort to deal with Cystic Fibrosis, “a robotic disciple bowing to every doctor and wonder drug”.  After visiting the renowned healer Joao de Deus in Brazil, Michael “realized only I will help myself”.
Michael’s experience with the Medica Health units, the Viofor as well as the Theragem, has changed his life for the better.  He has decreased his use of nebulisers from 5 to 2 a day, no longer needs inhalers and has reduced his intake of medications.   Michael who is now the Irish agent for Medica Health’s leading edge equipment employs the Theragem and Viofor in his clinic.
“Both machines have greatly added to my practice and my clients have a powerful, non-invasive energy treatment.  Medica Health’s equipment is truly ecological. It’s win-win for both the client and the therapist”.
One important advantage of the Theragem is its ability to gently rebalance the human “Assemblage Point”.  It is the point in our electro-magnetic body where life force energy enters the body, and it is usually located in the centre of the chest area.  This little known, but critically important aspect to health, vitality and well being is often found to be off-centre in people who have physical or mental problems, or who just report feeling “not quite right”.

Victor Siwek has worked with Holistic Massage Therapies for almost 13 years and believes the human Assemblage Point is the most important point in our electro-magnetic body responsible for our thoughts, feelings and health.
“When I help my clients relocate their Assemblage Point to the optimal location, I can immediately see the person becoming complete on every level”.
Victor was seeking a therapy to make his work more dynamic and beneficial to clients.  When he had the opportunity to experience the Theragem for himself, he quickly became aware of the effectiveness of this therapy. According to Victor, the Theragem can synchronize the work of the two halves of the brain, recharge the immune system, rebalance the body and the electro-magnetic field and enables the client to initiate the self-healing process. “It is the ‘new way’ to offer non-invasive and drug free therapy to my clients”.

Niamh O’ Brien
INSPIRIT – Mind and Body Health
Ramleh Close, Milltown & Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin.
Tel: 0860737115
Website: www.inspirit.ie
Email: info@inspirit.ie

Michael E Morrison,
Medicahealth Agent for Ireland.
Tuan Health Sanctuary, Castle Hill, Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford.
Tel: (053)9235712

Victor Siwek
Tel: 0879373783

Medica Health Ltd, The Sanctuary of Healing, Dewhurst Road, Langho, Blackburn BB6 8AF, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44(0)8706094583 Fax: +44(0)1245249154


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