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Spring Vibes 2009

by Patrick

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.”
– Bern Williams

spring-2009_pl_web_page_04_image_0001Mandala Painting Workshops

Kaplan Aspect School, Exchange St. Lower, Essex Quay, D8

Mandala painting provides a unique opportunity to learn how to create your own mandala through the symmetric repetition of forms and to paint it with watercolours, as well as to enjoy a supportive, meditative space where your creativity can flow freely. The technique is accessible to everyone as it’ s not necessary to know how to paint.

Mandala painting workshop – March 7th and 8th 10am – 5pm €180 excl. materials
Mandala painting day – March 22nd 10am – 5pm €75
Mandala painting course – April 5th, 26th, May 3rd €250 excl. materials

For more info contact Francesca on 0851302999 or francesca@cultivate.ie or www.mandalaom.com

spring-2009_pl_web_page_04_image_0002Angel Light Creations

Friday 27th & Sunday 29th March, 7pm-10pm at Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4

Janine Thorp will be holding a workshop introducing people to working with universal energies and how to have clear 2-way communication with them.  We can consciously work with these energies for any project we choose, and this teamwork can bring us a huge amount of additional input that otherwise we may not have clear access to.  They can help us to bring balance, momentum and light-energy so that our projects can move forward aligned with Source.  The skills introduced here can be used for any project you’d like to have help with, including your health, business, art, or even an unknown project, that you would like to take on under the inspiration and guidance of your soul and the universal energies that are your helpers.  €100euro (€50 payable in advance)

For more info www.angellightcreations.com or 0879806280

International Spiritual Care Conference 2009

27th and 28th April in the Europe Hotel, Killarney

Compassion and presence: spiritual care for the living and dying.  This ground-breaking conference will ask: What is authentic spiritual care and what benefits can it bring to health care professionals and those in their care?  Jon Kabat-Zinn will be at both days of the conference and will present on “Enhancing the ‘Caring’ in Health Care and Medicine: The Art and the Science of Compassion, Kindness and Mindfulness”

For more info www.spiritualcareconference.com

This Analog Life

Wednesday 29th April from 7.30pm – 9.30 pm at Ballsbridge Inn (formerly Jurys) D4

In this talk, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor Emeritus University of Massachusetts Medical School, will advocate that mindfulness is not only relevant to the struggles we find ourselves in, but uniquely valuable for the embodiment of balance, well-being, and wisdom in our lives. Mindfulness practice cultivates intimacy with one’s own mind and body, and through that, self-understanding, healing, and transformation.  €50.00

For more info www.seminars.ie

Energy Master Ratu Bagus – visit to Dublin

May 14th from 7 – 9pm at the Baldoyle Community Centre, Baldoyle Rd, Dublin 13

Born with the ability to transmit pure light/energy, Ratu teaches Bio-Energy meditation, which enables us to raise our vibration, clearing ‘stuck’ energy in our system, leading to increased levels of vitality, health, emotional and spiritual well-being .

Register your attendance by contacting Sharon before May 1st on 0852816575 or sharon_miller@live.ie For more info visit www.ratubagus.com

Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th May 2009 in All Hallows conference centre Dublin

The Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland are privileged to host a 2-Day Workshop presented by Professor Chris Fairburn.  A must for all health care professionals treating eating disorders.

Further information, contact Suzanne on 053 9130506 or 0872056560 or info@eatingdisorders.ie

spring-2009_pl_web_page_04_image_0003Get The Life You Want

Monday 25th May from 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm at Concert Hall, RDS, Dublin 4

Get the Life You Want is Richard Bandler at his best, sharing his remarkable insights, his controversial signature wit, and more than thirty-five time-tested NLP techniques that will bring about quick and lasting change in every area of your life, from breaking free of toxic or non-productive relationships, to delivering business presentations without a knot in your stomach, to quitting smoking for good. €55.00

For more info www.seminars.ie

Learn How to Live the Good Life

Monday July 20th to Friday July 24th at The Organic Centre Rossinver

The most complete course ever, with sessions on growing vegetables organically, growing and using herbs, growing fruit for the home, making yoghurt and soft cheeses, baking and cooking with wholemeal, and storing and preserving, complemented with an introduction to yoga and relaxation techniques, a lecture on sustainable building, a seaweed walk on a local beach and a visit to a local organic farm.  Empowering, entertaining and a lot of fun! The Grass Roof Café at The Organic Centre will cater for breakfast, a tasty vegetarian lunch and dinner every day.  Detailed programme and accommodation list on request.  €700 for 5 days.

For further details contact The Organic Centre on 071 9854338 or email to info@theorganiccentre.ie or www.theorganiccentre.ie

BuddhaBag Meeting

Most Thursdays from 8pm in Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.

The Law of Attraction, The Power of Now, Reiki, Shamanism, or Spiritual Cinema. You name it, it’s probably been experienced and discussed at one of these weekly gatherings.  Open-minded individuals lounging on bean bags (or up on their feet during the more movement-based workshops) exploring all that the worlds of Body, Mind and Spirit have to offer.  One highlight of the Spring schedule is Dawn Cartwright‘s Tantra workshop on April 30th.  She’s an amazing teacher coming all the way from Santa Monica. €10

For more info www.buddhabag.org

spring-2009_pl_web_page_05_image_0002Tea Garden

7 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

The Tea Garden is a unique place of relaxation, where you can enjoy a cup of tea with your friends away from the hustle and bustle of busy days in the city centre.  Their staff love to share their knowledge of tea with you – the plant that has amazed and fascinated the whole world for thousands years.  Be sure to try the Lung Ching (Dragon’s Well) tea.  It’s healing properties are legendary.

For more info www.tea-garden.eu

Green Drinks

Once a month in 448 cities around the world, people with an interest in green issues get together to chat, share ideas and raise a glass to a brighter future.  Dublin Green Drinks (inspired and organized by Leaf Living) is on the first Tuesday of every month from 6pm upstairs at The South William Bar, 52 South William Street, Dublin 2.

For more info www.leafliving.com

Psycho-Physio Scan and Therapy

Having difficulty having health problems diagnosed?  Tired of taking drugs for your ailments?  The Psycho-Physio System based on the unique Virtual Scanning technology provides fast, comprehensive assessment and corrective treatment for a wide range of functional and pathological disorders of the body’s organs and systems by regulating brain function.  Psycho-Physio Therapy stimulates the body’s natural processes which regulate our health i.e. of compensation and repair – rather than suppressing symptoms like conventional medicine.  The therapy uses a revolutionary form of colour and visual stimulation.

For more info www.virtualtherapyclinic.com

Grow Green Solutions

Grow Green Products is a wholly Irish owned waste minimisation and waste
recycling company based in Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland.  Their latest domestic product, “The Little Pig” (brother of the “Big Pig” composter), will compost household food waste and garden waste up to 1.25kg per day.  Plenty to use on all the plants and vegetables you may like to plant this spring.

For more info www.growgreensolutions.com

Soothe Sensitive Skin

When exposed to environmental change, stress, or improper skin care, highly sensitive skin can often react by becoming irritated, blotchy or red and can feel excessively tight and uncomfortable. To minimise the risk of an allergic reaction, highly sensitive skin requires an intelligent, balanced hygiene and care program. Logona Free products give sensitive skin the delicate care it needs.

For more info www.bpure.ie

spring-2009_pl_web_page_05_image_0001Positive Publications

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