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Peppermint tea, treats and chats with Julie Owens from Restore

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Julie Owens

Restoring the Balance

Julie Owens

By Elva Carri

When I asked Julie what her favourite thing about Restore is, she answered quickly and with a big smile on her face, “The people!” She says it makes her world sparkle when people come in to let her know they have been ‘restored’ and by the sounds of it, this happens a lot. This is not surprising considering Julie has studied naturopathy, reflexology, massage and aromatherapy and trained alongside Patrick Holford, Jan de Vries, the A. Vogel team and Gillian McKeith. And she’s still reading to make sure she’s up to date. This is one dedicated lady.

Even a short visit feels more like a personal consultation than a shopping trip. In trying to decide on a new face cream, Julie helped me pick out the perfect product but also took the time to explain the importance of our liver in looking after our skin, “Oily skin depends on diet, it’s an indication of the efficiency of your liver. Dry skin is because you’re not having enough oils, like fish oils, or can indicate that you need to clear out your liver.”

When I asked her about great new things to try out this Spring, she said Sunwarrior’s Ormus mix is great and uses it herself. “It’s expensive but it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a complete concoction of super greens, manufactured in a base that preserves the high enzyme activity.”

Wanting to be able to cater to all of your needs, they also have a holistic centre upstairs, offering everything from free lunch time meditation to yoga and pilates classes, massage, herbalism, naturopathy and more.



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