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You Are Beautiful

by Elva

Little Sticker, Big Love


By Elva Carri

We all need a reminder that we’re beautiful sometimes. Our beautiful bits, whether physical, mental or emotional come to us with such ease we can easily forget about those strengths because we’re trying so hard to improve the other bits. But when are you more beautiful than when you’re simply reminded that you are? That makes anybody glow.

As a massive street art fan, I’ve loved seeing these little stickers pop up around Dublin. Little did I know when I shared a photo on Instagram, that the creators would spot it and get in touch. All they said was ‘Yeah!’ but it led me to finding out more about them.

This isn’t a little thing happening just in Dublin, these stickers are all over the world and have been popping up more and more places for over ten years; being a special little moment in peoples’ days, in the most unexpected places. Over one million of these teeny, tiny artworks have been placed thoughtfully by a global community of messers who want to make someone’s day a little cooler.

The ones I’ve seen were on a hand dryer and on numerous steps of an escalator in a DART station – aesthetically excellent as they peek out and slip away before your eyes. Nice work whoever chose that spot. And on a hand dryer, how smart! Just as you’ve probably criticised yourself for something looking in the mirror as you wash your hands, you’re reassured that in fact, you are totally beautiful as you dry them off and head back out into the world.

The guy who started the project wanted it to be anonymous, he says it’s about the message not who started it. But more and more people wanted to know who started it and why, so you can find out more about him on their website, shared below. You can also purchase the stickers there if you want to start sharing them.

You are beautiful.x In case you forgot.




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