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Healing Sound Meditation CDs

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Sound Healing Meditation CDs

Tibetan singing bowls

Patricia “Parashakti” Lohan is a certified Trainer in Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing, and Sacred Sound Workshops with Tibetan Singing Bowls. She is currently based in Dublin, but was born and raised a Galway native. Patricia maintains a private practice in Dublin, offering her custom integrated healing system, which includes Sound Healing, BodyMind Balancing, Reiki and Yoga. Patricia Lohan recently created a series of sound healing CDs to aid you in journeying through the chakras, ease you into the day in the morning, or towards calm and peace in the evening and a special one to cleanse and harmonise.

Journey through the Seven Chakras

The sound of the Tibetan singing bowl is known for its healing properties and its ability to induce states of deep meditative absorption. The hand-made metal bowls are traditionally used in rituals as well as for meditation. The resonant sound they produce penetrates through a meditator’s body and mind, allowing deep inner connection. This CD features one track where, either, a single bowl is struck softly and regularly, or steadily hums as it is played moving up through the notes corresponding with each of the seven chakras. Parashakti Sacred Sounds are recorded with the utmost purity and integrity of sound. Let the pure vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls, fill your being with tranquility and peace.

Guided Chakra Meditations for Morning & Evening

This CD features two tracks, one for the morning and the second for the evening. The morning meditation will energise you and uplift you immensely, giving you an opportunity to prepare you for the day ahead with all the chakras cleansed and aligned so that you can start your day in the best possible way. Track two guides you to cleanse and clear all the chakras from the day gone by and will create a sense of peace within you, clearing your mind before a restful nights sleep.

Chakra Mantras with Tibetan Bowls: to Cleanse, Clear & Harmonise

This CD combines the powerful spiritual transformers of Chakra Seed Mantras & Tibetan Singing Bowls with seven tracks corresponding with the seed mantras for each chakra repeated a sacred 108 times. The term mantra is based on the Sanskrit words: manas (mind) and trai (control). Vedic scripture calls mantra “that which, when contemplated and repeated, will offer protection.” The simplest mantras are called “seed sounds.” The powers they represent can change our lives for the better, no matter what we may believe or how we imagine them.


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