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Fertility Massage – A Holistic Approach to Improving Fertility & An Opportunity to Learn More

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By Clare Blake

A fertility journey can be an emotional roller-coaster with a sense of losing control over your own body and feeling disconnected and many women search for a natural approach to support them and boost their chances of having a baby.

Fertility Massage Therapy™ is a nourishing blend of modalities, that when combined, bring harmony and balance to the reproductive, digestive and sacral areas. On a much deeper and probably more important level, it also reawakens and reconnects women to their bodies, especially their womb.

Womb massage has lineage dating back thousands of years. Egyptian women massaged their wombs to heal themselves, Norse traditions also mention goddesses rubbing bellies to heal. Many clients from India, Africa, Russia and China have remarked that women in their homeland perform similar womb or belly massages. By massaging directly over the lower abdomen, circulation of lymph, blood and energy is increased, helping women who experience ‘cold’ or ‘stagnant’ conditions such as painful periods, endometriosis, fibroids and constipation.

Womb massage is just a part of the therapy, also included within a session are Rebozo and Pulsing techniques. Pulsing focuses on gently rocking and releasing the physical and emotional tensions held within the body, whilst the Rebozo will be ceremonially wrapped to enable the woman to feel safe and held.

Together these all create a nourishing flow of feminine energy, leaving the client feeling whole, centred and nurtured on their fertility journey.


Clare also runs 4 day Practitioner courses, offering an intensive Practical, Theory & Spiritual course for practitioners wishing to specialise in Reproductive Health & Fertility. The next one takes place November 20-23.

  • Learn how to to safely perform the womb, digestive and sacral massage on yourself and your clients. It is important that practitioners choosing to offer Fertility Massage gain a good understanding of the fertility process, common conditions presented by clients and knowledge to help clients whilst remaining within the scope of their professional training.
  • Fertility Massage is an incredibly powerful and emotionally releasing therapy and should come from the practitioners womb and heart; therefore, the course commences with a womb blessing and meditation to help practitioners cleanse and connect to their own wombs.
  • If you have an interest in Women’s Health, then this course is for you. With a strong focus on the physical and energetic approach to the womb, this therapy is suitable for women of all reproductive stages, regardless of whether they are trying to conceive.
  • This Massage Benefits Clients with:Reproductive complaints: Irregular, Heavy, Painful Periods. Infertility, Blocked Fallopian tubes, Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids etc.. Digestive Complaints: IBS, Constipation, Flatulence, Bloating, Lower Back complaints, etc

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