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What Keeps You Active? Former Dublin GAA Player Blaine Kelly Shares His Secret

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29 year old Blaine Kelly is a GAA player for St Mary’s Saggart and former Dublin player, but he’s not just a fan of the game, he’s a fan of optimising his entire potential in sport through his own health and fitness levels, and as part of his efforts to perform at his best, he’s been taking a powerful Irish supplement called Revive Active, specifically to help with a hip injury from a couple of years ago.

“When you play for Dublin and train three times a week you put repetitive strain on your body! Two and a half years ago I picked up a hip injury and struggled to maintain my fitness and mobility. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work. Then I started taking Revive Active Joint Complex. After only six weeks I noticed a significant difference and felt stronger and more flexible. Now three months later I feel great and am even back to training three times a week. I would recommend Joint Complex to anyone with joint problems, young or old, and I have to my team mates. With luck, it’ll help me to keep playing GAA for many years to come.”

Revive Active Joint Complex is a health drink supplement designed to increase mobility in your joints; from sports people to those whose comfort and range of motion has deteriorated with age. Happily, my own joints are still in good working order, but keeping your human hinges in tip top shape is a health priority for many. As well as helping rebuild cartilage, the active ingredients increase bone health, reduce pain in joints, increas flexibility and as a very nice little side affect, helps to rejuvenate your skin thanks to the collagen.

And it’s not just those in sports that the supplement is helping. Dr. Wendy Denning, one of Tatler’s Top 150 Private Doctors for three years in a row says she’s excited about the product as it combines ingredients she was previously advising people to take but could only purchase separately. The complex offers the whole package, so while seemingly expensive, it actually reduces costs for those already incorporating these beneficial ingredients at this dosage individually or through a variety of supplements and a month’s supply works out at about €1.50 per day, which seems a reasonable contribution to better health.

We’re big fans of it here at Positive Life too, and previously interviewed the incredibly dedicated people behind the Revive Active range. Galway Natural Health Co. have a track record for really high quality ingredients and products that do what they say on the tin and it’s great see an Irish company doing well not just because they’re Irish, but because they’re producing the goods and proving the results.



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