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From Our Friends: CNM Fertility Workshop to Assist Aspiring Parents

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From Our Friends: CNM Fertility Workshop to Assist Aspiring Parents

Our friends at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) Ireland are holding a special workshop on how you can optimise your fertility. This workshop will be led by Liadh Fitzgerald M.Sc., founder of the Fertility Health Clinic. It takes place on Friday April 13th from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. in CNM Dublin on the 3rd floor of College House, Townsend Street, Dublin 2. It will also be repeated in Cork on Thursday the 10th of May. You can learn more about the event on CNM’s website, or book tickets on Eventbrite. Read on for more information!

From Our Friends: CNM Fertility Workshop to Assist Aspiring Parents

When it comes to trying for a baby, aspiring parents-to-be can become anxious if conception does not occur quickly. Luckily, there are many things that can be done to optimise your chances of conceiving, and Liadh Fitzgerald is on hand to help. We asked her a few questions about her upcoming workshop with CNM to find out more about her approach to assisting people with their fertility.

Can you give us an overview of what your workshop will be about?

Well, I will be starting with some statistics on infertility in Ireland and around the world, just to give an idea of how many people would suffer from these problems. We’re going to through some information as to what drives infertility: for example, various reproductive disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, as well as the phenomenon of ‘unexplained infertility.’ I am going to lay down the foundations as to who in Ireland might have infertility, how many people have it, how our statistics compare with the rest of the world, and then I’ll lay down a foundation as to what might be causing infertility and what people can do about it. There is a specific window of time – about three to four months – that will enable people to create the best, most healthy conditions for their eggs or sperm that they can. That stage of really preparing your body for what is to occur is vitally important. I really want to share advice on how people can optimise fertility and uterine productivity as much as they possibly ca, which will hopefully allow implantation to occur and allow a pregnancy to be carried.

Would you say that nutrition plays a big role in optimising fertility?

Absolutely. When people come in to my clinic, I would do a very deep case history for each client, looking at where something might have gone wrong in the body. I would be looking for the same issues that a general health practitioner would be looking for: pathologies that may be present within the body, a client’s overall physiology, or how the different systems within the body are co-ordinating and linking up together. The difference is that my treatments aren’t pharmaceutically driven. My treatments would be based on biomedical nutrition, which can include supplements plus dietary intervention. I’m not the “food police” by any means, but what I look for in clients who come to me are: could any foods the client are taking in be driving inflammation? Are they producing hormones that are known to induce pain, thicken blood or compromise clotting? It is very important to target those problems that could impair implantation. I recommend foods that work in a targeted, specific way to improve the overall function of the body.

CNM’s Optimising Your Fertility workshop will take place on Friday April 13th from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. in CNM Dublin, 3rd Floor, College House, Townsend Street, Dublin 2. Click here for more information or to book your tickets. The Cork workshop will be held in the Rochestown Park Hotel, Douglas, Co. Cork, from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. on Thursday the 10th of May. Click here for information and tickets. You can visit Liadh’s Fertility Health Clinic on Facebook or email her at fertilityhealthclinic@gmail.com to learn more about her work.

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