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Our Summer 2024 Issue has hit the shelves and this issues theme is The Heart! The magazine is now available at a health shop near you, or you can subscribe to have each issue delivered right to your door at https://www.positivelife.ie/subscribe/

We hear from people around the city on what The Heart means to them and how to Follow Your Heart!

Shane Molloy 

The longest journey is the shortest distance, from the head to the heart. I trusted the feeling & not my analytical left brain for the most important decision of my life. Taking years to diagnose, biopsies, blood tests, ultrasounds, medication, radioactive injections, & finally two letters in two days from the same hospital. 

First: You are discharged, second: remove half your thyroid. 

So, I took charge of my health. My healing journey started with animal & plant medicines. With Shamanism, Reiki & Angelic Energy healing atunements, I was spiritually opened with powerful teachers entering my life, one after the other. At first the consultant doubted my results. Skeptical of self-healing & spirituality, she ultimately fed my own positive energy back to me when successive results proving a full recovery from Graves’ disease. 

Now I try to put my heart in charge of my day & practice energy healing & gratitude. 

 CP Van Der Linde 

 As the eldest child in a large family I grew up with lots of responsibility and an expectation to pitch in almost as a third parent within the household. I was acutely aware of the sacrifices that came with the drastic lifestyle shift that arrives with babies. My thoughts were full of resistance to having my own children as I feared giving up the liberties of a young married couple with absolute freedom. Yet, in my heart I knew I wanted to be a father; that it would be a transcendental experience. I wanted to quiet my mind and open my heart. My children open a path to my heart. It is easy to love them, and to go deeper into it. That’s not to say life is always easy, it’s not; but my heart and mind are aligned and I feel deep inner peace when I’m fully present.  

Sandra Lawes 

During my time living in London, I was confronted with the life-altering diagnosis of Graves’ disease. Being told by doctors that I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life and that conceiving could result in losing the baby was a tough pill to swallow. I was newly married and longed to have a child. This new reality forced me to really take a look at how I was living.  Working long hours, drinking most nights and not getting enough sleep had taken its toll. I was trying to keep up with what my mind thought I had to do instead of ‘listening to my heart,’ as the 90’s band Roxette told us! This profound shift led me to explore meditation, Ayurveda, and yoga, which became my daily rituals, helping me navigate the uncertainty with grace. 

Soon after that I returned to Dublin, seeking the support of family and friends and finding a work/life balance that suited me. This change not only helped me heal my thyroid naturally but also enriched my life with a deep sense of purpose and inner peace.  The biggest gift of all came when I was blessed with my baby boy, Max. This miracle reaffirmed the power of listening to my heart and trusting the process. 


Aideen Macken 

 When I was 17 I made a promise to myself to always try to live true to my heart. Someday I’d like to be old and able to look back and think…well that was a life worth living. The most lost I ever felt was finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cork and being unable to see a way forward for myself. It felt terrifying. So I spent a year working a secretarial job and took the pressure off and waited and listened to what my heart was telling me it would like to try next. And I ended up spending two blissful years studying complementary health therapies which took me down a path I’m still on. Now I teach pilates and I weave, and I still listen for those stirrings that tell me…this feels good, this is the way to go, follow this and see where it takes you. It always takes me somewhere interesting. 


Audrey McGrath 

RTE Weather Presenter 

Thankfully over the years, I’ve become much better at listening to the intuitive wisdom of my heart.  An initial standout moment: Back in 2007, I was approached to do a spot of travel writing from a week-long yoga detox retreat in Morocco. The thoughts came in quicker than a bolt of lightning: “Ah, I’ll never get the leave from work at such short notice. Would I be safe?! (a young woman travelling solo).  Deep into reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, I abandoned the egoic mind and dropped into my heart. It lit up with a sure-fire yes! And with that, the doors flung open. 

When I wasn’t in downward-facing dog, Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ was my new reading companion as I leant into the sugar, soul and digital detox. Surrounded by a ‘sea’ of Moroccan sand, I found peace in solitude in a way that I hadn’t ever before. Spiritual guidance greeted me gently as the whisper of the wind. Heart led, this retreat instilled in me a sense of liberation around solo travel and left an indelible mark on my soul!! 

Drop into your Heart this Summer and pick up a copy of the magazine at a stockist near you! Our full list of stockists can be found here, https://www.positivelife.ie/magazine/stockists/

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