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What do you think of when you hear the word Tantra?

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Meditation Retreat Ireland

25 September – 1 October 2015, Choose from 1- 6 nights, County Wicklow

Many peoples first assumption on hearing the word ‘Tantra’ is that it’s definitely got to do with sex. It’s quite likely you’re not automatically thinking of the vast and life changing positive effects of Tantra’s many teachings, meditation practice and focus. It’s much broader than having a new list of positions and a really beautiful way to learn to embrace so much of our physical lives, with a spiritual foundation.

Tantra combines movement, breath and meditation to assist and open up our energy systems. It increases movement of our life-force energy and can even help us to heal, emotionally and physically, as so often the two are intertwined. Working with our energies in this way increases sensation and our ability to connect with others – not merely in an intimate and sexual way, but in many many warm and loving ways. For tantric perspectives on a wide variety of things in our lives, simply have a read of some of Dawn Cartwright’s wonderful articles. And this autumn, Dawn will host a tantric retreat in county wicklow.

For six days and nights you’ll experience a full program of Tantric meditations, tools, techniques and practices. Dawn will also make sure you have plenty of free time for hill walking, tree listening, cozying up with a book, dunking in the river, brack and tea, or cuddling with a friend to bring all your learning about a tantric experience of life into reality in the beautiful countryside you’ll be enveloped in for the retreat.

Not only will you be learning practices that will serve you during the retreat and long after, but it’s a beautiful way to give yourself the time and space to transition into winter – discovering Tantric keys to creating sacred, conscious, ecstatic, loving, empowering relationship – with ourselves, our sexuality, our hearts, and the loves in our lives. Explore ways of moving beyond the limits of our past and bursting through into the limitless potential we all hold inside!

You are welcome to join the immersion on any day and you may book in for 1-6 night. If you are booking alternate accommodation such as sleeping bag or off-site lodging. Twin bed ensuite accommodation is reserved for those booking the full 6 nights. Gourmet vegetarian meals are also included in the cost.

Further information and bookings >

Dawn will also be at The Buddha Bag Meeting on 24 September >

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