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TR coaching collection story

by Patrick

For more than three decades, peak performance coach Tony Robbins has passionately pursued the answers to the question of why people do what they do and what holds them back from living life on their own terms.

What he has discovered in working with more than three million people from over one hundred countries – people like Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Leonardo DiCaprio, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore – is that no matter what the obstacles, every human being holds within them the power to change anything.

“What I’ve learned is that there are clear patterns of success and clear patterns that lead to failure,” said Robbins, the creator of the #1 personal and professional development system of all time, Personal Power. “There are patterns that cause us to be frustrated and overwhelmed, and patterns that cause us to be joyous and fulfilled. The driving force in my life is to help people identify those patterns so that they can make a measurable difference in the quality of their lives. It is my greatest joy to share the tools and strategies for creating a life of meaning and fulfillment.”

Whatever area of your life you want to focus on – your career, your relationships, your body or your time – Tony has put tools and strategies in a new programme that will help take your life to the next level. The Anthony Robbins Personal Coaching Collection will help you achieve more and experience more fulfillment than you may have ever thought possible.

A collection of six DVDs and eight CDs – all housed in a collector’s limited edition library case – the Anthony Robbins Personal Coaching Collection features newly released content from Tony’s cornerstone live events, which have helped millions of people around the world change the quality of their lives.

“Tony Robbins’ coaching has made a remarkable difference in my life both on and off the court,” said Serena Williams, eight-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. “He’s helped me discover what I’m really made of, and he’s enabled me to see things from an empowering new vantage point. With Tony’s help, I’ve set new standards for myself, and I’ve taken my tennis game – and my life – to a whole new level!”

The Anthony Robbins Personal Coaching Collection includes:

The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life Now is a powerful programme that will help you build the momentum you need in order to create explosive, lasting change in the areas of your life that matter most.

Energy for Life: Create the Health, Vitality and Energy You Deserve will show you the tremendous influence emotions have on your body and the best fuel to maximize your energy.

Love and Passion: Your Journey to Lasting Connection and Fulfillment will help you create or rekindle passion and reach astounding levels of intimacy in your most vital relationship.

Time of Your Life: 3 Steps to Take Control of Your Life will help you discover how managing your life instead of your time will give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.

Find Your True Gift: 3 Paths to Maximizing Impact in Your Career is designed to help you uncover what truly brings joy and fulfillment in your professional life.

Financial Freedom: 3 Steps to Creating & Enjoying the Wealth You Deserve is a simple results system that will help you create lasting momentum with powerful wealth-building tools and put you on a path toward ultimate financial freedom.

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