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Waking Up the Inner Doctor

by Patrick

By Dr. Evelien van Amerongen

Since 1997, I have learned about, and subsequently trained in, one of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever come across: Dr Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing (ART). His healing modality is a wonderful coming together of many medical practices, complementary therapies and common sense. This comprehensive diagnostic and treatment modality finds the underlying causes behind the symptoms of degenerative disease, and helps to unlock the body’s inner healing potential.

Do you have unexplained aches and pains? Is your energy level below par? Were you told that even though you feel sick, the medical profession cannot find anything wrong with you? Autonomic Response Testing can determine imbalances in the different levels of the body, their root causes and the correct therapy modality and intervention appropriate to that level.

The human body is constantly busy, even in sleep. All activity is being monitored, controlled and organized by an intelligent, bioelectric force called Life. Life circulates in our bodies by way of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is in direct contact with every cell, muscle and tissue, and it knows exactly what is happening inside our bodies at all times. It is our functional nervous system.

To make this easy to understand, the ANS has two parts: the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system, or Yin and Yang. Generally speaking, if your body were a car, the sympathetic nervous system acts as the accelerator, or speeds things up, and the parasympathetic nervous system acts as the brakes, or slows things down.

Normal, healthy people have a normal, healthy functioning ANS. Their inner doctor is able to respond to any type of challenge we encounter. Sick people do not have a normal functioning ANS to varying degrees. This is called autonomic dysregulation.

Blocked regulation is the most overlooked factor in our quest to become healthy.

Healthy people can regulate between having the brakes on (parasympathetic dominance) and having the accelerator on (sympathetic dominance). Sick people can’t; they seem to be stuck with either the brakes or the accelerator on. This is called blocked regulation. When your body is in a state of blocked regulation, most of the intelligent bioelectric energy called Life is being used to do something in the body: clean, fix, detoxify, balance, etc. When you have a blocked regulation, all of your energy is spent to hold together a system that is out of balance. There is simply no surplus energy available to heal.

Autonomic Response Testing reveals where the ANS is blocked, why, and finds the correct intervention that needs to be applied to create balance.

Why conventional medicine is no longer adequate when it comes to treating chronic illness.

Because the importance of a healthy autonomic nervous system is not taught in medical school, conventional medicine does not recognise and understand its vital role in self-healing. Often, modern day disease is expressed by a multitude of vague, difficult-to-describe symptoms which makes proper diagnosis difficult using only conventional means.

The 7 most common factors for blocked regulation are:
Heavy metal burden
Toxic chemicals and Agricultural pesticides and solvents
Food allergies and sensitivities
Infections (parasites, worms, fungi, moulds, bacteria, viruses)
Dental stress, non vital teeth and jaw dysfunction
Unresolved emotional stress
Conflict radiation (WIFI, mobile phones, pylons etc)

Good health fails, only because the self-regulating healing action of the body is impaired.

There is a hierarchy of factors that underlie most chronic degenerative diseases: the 7 Factors that reduce our capacity to eliminate toxins. The toxic burden gives a wide range of symptoms and stands in the way of diagnosing a specific disease.

At the ISHSKO centre, Autonomic Response Testing stands paramount, and it is our purpose to create a treatment protocol that educates and encourages the patient to have an active role in the multiple aspects of their optimum health and wellbeing. The protocol will encompass contamination prevention and detoxification treatment, stress reduction, healthy eating habits and the value of nutrition in maintaining health, as well as achievable, healthier lifestyle choices.

For further information about ART and how it can help you, please visit our website: www.mercuryfreedentistry.eu

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