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Getting Into The Vortex

by Patrick

By Patrick Bridgeman

I’ve long known of the benefits of meditation, but hadn’t found one that easily evolved into a daily practice for me until I was given a gift of the Abraham Hicks book and CD, “Getting into the Vortex”. It couldn’t be simpler. The CD contains four 15 minute guided meditations. The relaxing music guides your breath while the uplifting words guide your mind.

My wife and I decided to start the journey together and took the advice of reading whichever section of the book corresponded to each meditation before listening to that meditation for the first time. The first time we did this for each section, whoever wasn’t reading aloud for the other would fall into either a deep, healing sleep or a deeply relaxed state; while the reader themselves would also feel drawn into those states.

While in those states, we both experienced a tangible shift in the energy of our bodies. Amazing sensations that I hadn’t experienced for many years happened to me once again. All good signs that we were onto something with real power to change people for the better.

We took to listening to one of the four meditations in bed every night, or sometimes if I felt the need to calm my mind and clear my energy during the day, I’d pop in the CD and take a trip into the Vortex.

You can get yourself a copy of it from their website www.abraham-hicks.com

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