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Singing Happiness

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Singing Happiness
By Sharyn Cunneen

There are many things we can do to confirm to ourselves that we choose happiness. Lately, I have been singing. It is working for me and it has worked for thousands of years for others too. Singing is connected to your heart. This is one reason why, in religions all over the world, there are devotional songs. Devotional singing is an expression of love or praise for a god. Mothers instinctively sing to their babies. If someone is extremely happy or in love, singing happens naturally, but it can also be applied the opposite way: sing first and feel happy later.

I have been singing anything and everything: nursery rhymes, narrating what I am doing, and sometimes popular songs that get stuck in my head. I usually get an instant lift when I sing, especially if I sing with my partner. Singing together with others will have a stronger effect, as sharing and connecting with others in any way is also opening for the heart.

Because singing is a direct link to your heart, it has many benefits. As well as the obvious feelings of love and joy that come from the heart, singing also helps to release fears and to express yourself in all areas of your life. This is often inspiring for others and can help to lift their spirits too.

Sing and discover for yourself all the magical and wonderful effects it can have on your feelings and your life.

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