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Angels in Egypt – Wings of Light, By Stewart Pearce

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angels Stewart Pearce

Working as an Angel Medium and Sound Healer means that during the unique events of unfolding 2012, I often heard the voice of the Angels, promising their deeper support in our lives. Their purpose is to enchant us with their love, to heal us with their balm, to inform us through the wisdom of our eternal souls.

angels Stewart Pearce

The pledge is to use their wings of light to create a wind of change, so that the tree of life be shaken, awakening us from our perch of indifference – so that our souls and hearts be made as new. The Angels promise was that they would give literal signs of their presence, through visible assignations with us.

The transcendence of December 2012 was palpable for all of us, where the consciousness of every living being on Mother Earth had the potential to move to a higher octave. This was a time of celebration, for within unity consciousness and unconditional love, we feel the presence of the Angels warming our hearts and souls.

Facilitating a retreat in Egypt during December meant visiting the famous Star Temples of the Nile, which vibrated with such supernal light, those who took part were all moved to a fifth dimensional reality. The high-octane experiences we had on a daily basis were captured by our photography, through which we see the palpable evidence of the Angels promise. Orbs literally rain through the atmosphere of each Temple, encouraging us, through their caress, to experience other spiritual phenomena such as increased intuition, the gift of manifestation and synchronicity.



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