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Fertile Ground – Natural ways to increase your fertility, Michelle Magill

by Patrick
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Fertility isn’t all age related. Many 40yr olds can conceive successfully. Research is being conducted in Toronto to show that the eggs of older women can perhaps be rejuvenated with COQ10. Superfoods such as wheatgrass, Spirulina, and COQ10 are vital to the production of high quality eggs. A customized prescription of Chinese herbs from an herbal pharmacy may also help.

natural therapies

If you do find yourself having fertility problems, check there is nothing going on structurally, e.g. blockages or infection. Then look at the cycle length, ovulation and bleed quality. Eggs go through a 90-120 days maturation phase (4 months). During that period, your lifestyle is key to the results of those eggs, whether seeking natural pregnancy or IVF.

Treatments like Acupuncture and Femoral Massage increase blood flow to pelvic organs and provide nourishment to the uterus and ovaries. This will bring about a higher success rate.

The fertility clinic at Melt Natural Healing Centre is a Chinese Medicine clinic. We assist couples diagnosed with unexplained fertility problems by designing a comprehensive therapeutic program through traditional Chinese Medicine that supports their reproductive journey. We also use reflexology, lymph drainage and herbalism in our treatments to assist with your acupuncture program.


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