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Making the Turnabout at the Dublin Positive Health Centre

by Patrick
stay on track

By Geraldine Walsh

Giving time and space at the Dublin Positive Health Centre


stay on track
I could very easily get lost in the wilderness and never come back; that would actually suit me down to the ground. Some of the experiences I have had in this life so far have been very challenging, but I suppose what kept me on track were the wonderful therapies I experienced, such as Homeopathy, Reiki, Seichem and Shamanic Therapy & Counselling. I survived and blossomed, embracing those same therapies, learning them along with life’s experiences. I decided that I could support others on their journey too, and now my dreams have come to fruition with the setting up of the “Dublin Positive Health Centre.” It’s been amazing.

Travelling abroad, we’d turn a corner and say “Let’s see what happens,” with no expectations, just going with the flow of spirit. Those travels were life changing; and this is very much a parallel to the way I now work with clients, allowing that which needs to change the space to make that turnabout, without judgement or expectation.

I especially enjoy the practice of Shamanic therapy; witnessing that shift take place right there during the treatment. These techniques are especially beautiful because they allow the client to be a part of understanding that shift while allowing it to happen knowingly and to work with it afterwards.

I continue to travel, bringing me back to that hermetic sense of peace, away from it all, refuelling and refreshing me for the work that I do.


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