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Spiritual Calling & the Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies, Michael R. Constine

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shamanic studies

A lifelong path towards spiritual healing

shamanic studies

Rajinder Singh’s parents knew of his path years before he was born, and it was no surprise when he started to accompany his father to Spiritual Teachers at an early age. The calling took him to spend time with and learn from Master Shamans and Spiritual Teachers in India, West Africa, USA, Europe, and more recently, Peru. In 2004, he moved to Cork, started to practice energy work full-time and teach meditation in its various forms.

On the Winter Solstice 2012, after 8 years of working from Dervish holistic centre, as well as Hagal Farm in Cork, Rajinder embraced his vision and opened “The Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies.”

2012 was a year for many changes. It was the year Rajinder started to organise trips to Peru, introducing people to Master Shamans of the Quero Nation from the High Andes and the Amazon; learning about and taking part in Shamanic practices and ceremonies first hand from the Masters; visiting the sacred sites in Cusqo and Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu; and then spending time in the Jungle with the Master Shaman doing Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

He believes that knowledge is a gift and a blessing that has been passed down to us, and that we need to pass it on to the next generation. After years of giving introductory workshops on various aspects of Shamanic work, in 2012, Rajinder started training those interested in this work. This is hard work, he explains, as first the Student needs to learn about him/herself, learn the stories, the wounds that live within them, and heal them, and not everyone is ready to heal the past. Clarity to help others can only come when you heal the traumas within yourself, and for a Shaman, this is an essential part of training. The very basic work can take years for some people to get to grips with, let alone master.

Although light-hearted at the best of times, Rajinder is serious about his work as a practitioner and teacher: “I come from a culture where a Teacher’s name will open doors for a student, and this is because the teachers only take on students that are dedicated and are serious about the path. I’d like to think that I, too, carry that tradition, and the people training with me know that I’m serious. When a student is ready, I will know and they will know, and this knowing comes from experience, not certificates of attendance.”






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