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Achieving Freedom – Out of Belief and Into Knowing, By Martina Finnerty PhD

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belief systems BS

Achieving Freedom

Martina Finnerty PhD

belief systems BS

Out of Belief and Into Knowing

We, as a race, are in transition out of the unconscious yet absolute influence of restrictive Belief Systems (BS) and conditioning and into our innate, infinite, loving, potential.

Most of the time, the untrained mind is oblivious. Everyday decisions and perceptions occur under the influence of BS. Why? Because functioning through BS energy “feels” completely real and true. The untrained mind, without the necessary consciousness, entertains BS as if it was a truth and our life is influenced accordingly. A basic example is that we believe we can’t therefore we don’t. Anything that leads us away from our progressive energies and infinite love, is the result of established false BS.

However, a revolution is afoot. We can connect with and live through our inherent source KNOWING. To achieve this freedom, we need to KNOW the difference, truly know, at every level of consciousness. Such a KNOWING creates action and positive change.

Connection with our authentic KNOWING empowers us. It is the source of miracles and healings beyond intellectual comprehension at this time. KNOWING is not just an exercise of studying facts; it is an experience, an elevation of consciousness brought about by the presentation and exploration of a series of facts, in a manner that makes the total experience greater than the sum of its parts. The Power of Knowing is a unique and simple series of classes and workshops providing the platform for this experience. Come join the revolution!


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