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Angelic Sound Healing – Witness the Miracle in Everything, By Stewart Pearce

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Angelic energy

Angelic Sound Healing

By Stewart Pearce

Angelic energy

Witness the miracle in everything.

The doors of heaven are opening soon and for those who care to venture forth, an opportunity of great change is imminent. This is a remarkable time to acquire ascension experience, as an Astrological Star Tetrahedron opens in the heavens, signaled by the geometry of a Star of David and heralding us to open our Merkaba and ascend.

Spiritual truth is always at work in the realm of the miraculous consciousness from which we arise. Einstein said, “There are two ways of living your life: one is by seeing nothing as a miracle, and the other is by seeing everything is a miracle!” and so we transform our mortal thoughts into immortal wonders.

As a wonder from heaven, the Angels of Atlantis bring the miracle of sound to heal our bodies through an ancient harmonic that recognises the Universe as being abundant with riches. So why not decide what you wish to manifest at this juncture? Chant the OM seven times with full-lunged gusto, and you will be given significant spiritual keys to worldly power, derived from the realm of the miraculous. Our soul resources become amplified by the astrology of the Star of David – a force that will lift us to a powerful trajectory, as we truly acknowledge the heavenly power within, the power that reflects the perfection of the Source as a potential that rests in all of us. For this is in truth, is who we truly are.



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