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Positive Beauty: Dress to Express, By Mary Berkery

by Mary Berkery

Show off who you are. 

By Mary Berkery

From Our Autumn 2014 Issue

What do you wear to show who you are in the world? Are you aware that the clothes you wear give an impression of who you are in that day or time of your life? As relaxed, sporty, as male or female, as comfortable in your skin, business-like, cared for, creative, bohemian, natural and approachable.

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Drimbawn house in Mayo. It’s owned by the Wilson Family and the grounds open for two days each year as part of the Clew Bay garden trail. While there, we were taken on a magical journey through rose, woodland garden and shrubs. I was stuck by the beauty and grandeur of it all. While looking into the centre of plants, I could see that a flower has no inhibitions, no sense of being small or tall or less or more than another. They truly show off who they are, from calendula to iris to exquisite rose.

I believe that we are the only beings on earth that have a choice about what we wear each day. Maybe Adam and Eve had a part to play by feeling shame and covering themselves! However, our clothing can truly enhance the human form in the way it drapes the body. Colours chosen can highlight eye, skin and hair colors.

For this article, I was asked to write about how to dress for an important date or a first date. So instead of making rules on what to wear or not wear, I have put together some guidelines to take into consideration when dressing for any occasion.

Mary Berkery Positive Life

Overdressing vs. Underdressing

Many people under or overdress. You probably want to look well but at the same time not appear as if you have been preparing all day. I suggest something that you feel comfortable and relaxed in with some color added in a bag or shoes. And men, make sure to polish those shoes and have a crisp shirt or t-shirt under that jacket.

Wear Your Size

A bigger shirt will hide the shape of your body and a smaller one does no justice either to your lovely curves. For larger female bodies a website called goldenspiderweb.ie is worth looking at. They sell online and have very nice relaxed and feminine pieces that would suit any occasion.

Know Your Colours

Make sure your outfit does not clash. This doesn’t mean that there are wonderful colour blends. Often a cool color is good with a warm color for example, compliment red compliment with purple or blue with yellow … however red and yellow do not go in the same way. There are some good sites on color co-ordination and wikihow.com/coordinate-colors provides a helpful guide.

Enlist Help

Get an opinion from a friend or professional you trust when it comes to finding what suits who you or when purchasing a new garment. When buying, a good rule is to get good item per year or as per your budget. This could be a nice jacket or pants or dress. This can then be mixed with less expensive pieces. Do not bow to what fashion dictates either. Check out local vintage shops and see what ageless gems are hiding there!

Lastly, remember also to wear a smile on your heart and as I’ve heard said, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.”
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