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Our Spring issue is out now!  In this issue we share all the wonderful offerings available this Spring — Enjoy the Spring 2022 edition of  Positive Vibes below.  

Spring Vibes 2022


Let The Light In

Ever heard of an audio-visual ‘vision board’? Well, Positive Prime has created a format that allows you to tailor make your own “carefully phrased statements, evocative imagery and musical background” which you can use daily to send nurturing and empowering signals into your deep unconscious. From there, these seeds will sprout into positive behaviours that enable you to fulfil those elusive life goals and dreams that deep down, despite the doubt, you know you are made for. positiveprime.com

We hope to interview Matias De Stefano soon, the Argentinian-born cosmic visioner who is travelling the Egyptian Pyramids this March with the aim of realigning with Cosmic Time. Matias is actualising his life’s potential and work since the age of twenty-one, sharing his vision of, and helping people to actualise, a civilization which is aligned with the evolution of our beloved planet. People and planet must reunite! matiasdestefano.org

Positive Nights have some legendary guests coming up this spring. We talk to Eben Alexander on his amazing Near- Death Experience and the uber legendary Dan Millman, author of ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’. Come sit with us and up your vibe. seminars.ie & positivelife.ie

Have a laugh this spring. We hear Steve Hughes is good. Aidan Killian told us and we like Aidan! An ex-heavy metal drummer, Steve is now a standup comedian and has been touring the world as far as New Zealand with his ‘take no prisioners’ stand up show. He’ll be in Donnybrook this April with his latest show called ‘Are you Serious?’. stevehughes.net

Bud With Beauty

Face the world afresh this spring after having indulged in some ‘Sculpture face-lifting massage’. For men and women both, these intensely rejuvenating, natural face-lifting facials feature soft yet deep face-contouring massage techniques to lift, smooth and plump the skin of your face. Great for TMJ, spasms and sagging skin. Contact Svetlana 089 944 4814

Organic Italian Hairdressing in Dalkey completely replaces the traditional, chemical-laden cosmetics of hair with ones inspired by a love of plants and flowers. These “precious elements” are all that is used in their uniquely restorative and healing, hair colouring and hair care treatments. This place has some serious artistic flair and some serious love-of planet going for it. organicitalianhair.bio 

SMOOTH THE FLOW Introducing…Niamh! “Hi, I’m Niamh, Cacao medicine woman and Biofield Tuner. I love Biofield Tuning because it is a form of energy medicine also known as vibrational healing that can be performed remotely. Using tuning forks, I smooth out the flow in your electromagnetic field, removing energetic static. Biofield Tuning has the power to alleviate and even eradicate physical, mental and emotional disturbances.” Check it out people! biofieldwithniamh.com

Lovingly made by Prema Shakti, ‘Herb and Grace’ cosmetic products combine all the healing power of nature to lay upon our skin. It’s a grace indeed that such powerfully therapeutic plants and herbs grow so readily on the land for us to use. We especially love Prema’s ‘Blissful Pearls’ a CBD infused bontaical moisturiser. She also has daily salves, herbal tinctures, flower essences and elixirs on hand for all seasons and works on a donation basis so as to share her love of herbs as far and wide as possible. t.me/HerbAndGrace (Telegram)

Therapeutic Treats

The Wicklow Holistic Centre is a shop and set of holistic therapy rooms with a whole lot going on. You’ll find everything from natural beauty treatments to Shamanic healing on offer, as well as the comforting traditionals like aromatherapy massage and reiki. You’ll find a range of “holistic goodies” in stock in their shop. Oh, and Jonti Searll, acclaimed South African teacher in the field of sexuality and sensuality, will be giving a workshop from Wicklow Wellness this year! wicklowholisticcentre.com

County Clare is home to the elegant White Oak Centre, a holistic home from home with treatments such as aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage and Energy healing on offer. White Oak is also home to the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB), an exciting new use of the combined technologies of infrared therapy, Solfeggio frequencies and Noger frequencies. This combination of applications of heat, sound and frequency help heal and maintain the health of the body.

Turquoise café is “not your regular old coffee shop”. Theirs is a story of dreams in the making…and there is so much more to come! For now, they are a café, pizzeria, Sunday Farmers Market venue, art house, a place for families to gather and host events. The individuals behind Turquoise café thrive on helping others’ dreams to come true, they are a “playground for a community of free traders to display and develop their art”. Now that’s a piece of heaven on earth! turquoisecafe.ie

The Tattie Hoaker is Roscommon’s only independent health food store. So, owner Maureen has made sure they are well stocked with a wide range of health foods as well as skincare and beauty products. You can order organic fruit and veg weekly from the Tattie Hoaker and you will also find therapists inside its doors offering all kinds of help and healing such as NLP, nutritional therapy, massage and Reiki. This spot comes highly reccomended. Facebook.com/TattieHoaker

March Miscellany

Dundrum’s IV vitamin drip and hydration clinic, Get A Drip, will have you bouncing this spring. Bypass any pesky gut issues and have your vitamins delivered direct to your bloodstream. Make sure to book ahead and chose your drip in advance. Choose from a multivitamin drip, immunity, detox, energy or basic hydration drip. getadrip.com

Just launched on March 3rd, ‘Eat Your Weeds’, by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, reimagines these plants as “resilient wild weeds” and enables readers to see the hidden properties and powers of these, the daily companions of our lawns and parks. This fascinating and imaginative book contains over 90 plant-based recipes, sweet and savoury, foraging tips and medicinal properties. Ever tried nettle cake!? merlinunwin.co.uk

If you regularly wake up with your eyelids stuck together or have feelings of grittiness or burning in the eyes, you may have chronic dry eyes. Itchy eyes, blurry vision, tired or watery eyes…all signs that your eyes are calling for help. The Dry Eye Clinic in Ennis, Co. Clare is one of only a handful of clinics in Ireland dedicated to treating dry eyes with the latest in laser technology and light modulation therapy. dryeyeclinic.ie 

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