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Winter Feature Sneak Peek: ‘Energies of Eden’ – Donna Eden on Energy Healing, with Dr. Anthony Sharkey

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Sneak Peek: Donna Eden puts wellbeing in the best possible hands – your own.

Donna Eden Interview

Interviewed by Dr. Anthony Sharkey

Ken wilber recently described Donna Eden’s book ‘Energy Medicine’ as “The most definitive and comprehensive” book on self-healing he has ever read. She has taught over 80,000 people the energy medicine philosophies, skills and steps they need to heal themselves as quickly and as completely as possible from just about every physical and mental disease known to western man. I caught up with Donna about where her journey started and her upcoming trip to Ireland.

How did you get into Energy Medicine in the first place?

In my late twenties I was dying. I had allergies, Multiple Sclerosis, had a heart attack, had been in a coma and my organs were shutting down. Doctors said that there was nothing more that they could do for me. I realised that I would have to heal myself if I was to survive. As it happened, I had the ability to see and feel energies. So I decided instinctively to start to work on my body on an energetic level. I went home and put my hand on my knee and thigh and to my amazement it only took three minutes for me to see and feel my energies begin to connect up and flow and for my body to feel a bit better.

I continued working in this way and figured out for myself how to get my energies flowing in the way they were meant to flow. Over the next seven weeks, all my allergies dropped away. My organs started working again. The strength in my legs came back and I gradually came back to full and complete health with no sign of the M.S.

How do you explain your recovery, it seems miraculous, at least from a traditional Western medical perspective?

I realised that the reason I was so sick was because the inbuilt healing energies in my body were confused. It was like I was trying to figure out where the switches and fuse box were in my house so that I could get the power flowing.

Would you say that the energies of the body are like electricity then? Absolutely, your body has an electrical circuitry just like your house or your car. If the electrics in your body aren’t working properly, your body won’t work properly.

Read the rest of the interview in the winter issue. Subscribe here or pick up a copy in one of our stockists.

Donna is visiting Ireland in 2015 with an introductory energy medicine talk on february 6th followed by a workshop running on 7th february. visionforliving.co.uk

Dr. Anthony Sharkey mb bch bAO DCH is one of the few doctors in Ireland with a dedicated Energy medicine practice. Facebook.com/dranthonysharkey

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