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The Spring 2015 issue goes out to stores this week. To find your nearest stockist, check our list or subscribe here to have it delivered. It’s €15 for four issues to cover postage and packaging.

This is just the beginning…

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“Love is in the air” ~ John Paul Young

Our positive personality in this issue Aaravindha Himadra wrote in his latest book a quote on love from a master he met in the Himalayas on how love is seldom understood . “Most believe it is an emotion when in fact emotions arise when love is lost. Love is a state of limitless presence, a free availability to the high will.” Are you feeling that? It evokes in me a sense of freedom, freedom from needing another lovely human to fulfil my needs, and it invites all of us to truly connect and see who we are. “You have to love yourself” used to sound like a cliche, now I get it. Love the divine presence within yourself, know it, live from it and be it. When you do this, all else becomes as it truly is: perfectly beautiful. Our spring issue and love are in the air, enjoy dear reader. Until June.

– Paul Congdon, Publisher

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