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31 July – 2 August: The Way of Harmony 3 Day Workshop with Michael Wolff, Dublin

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The Way of Harmony, Michael Wolff

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Michael Wolff is facilitating a three day workshop starting Friday, 31 July at the Dublin Holistic Centre in Dublin. The event is primarily about how to release and let go of our life time blocks and learn to experience love, joy and harmony in our lives. Our blocks can already be, or become, the underlying causes for most of our emotional, physical and mental issues. So when we change ourselves by letting go, we change our world.

Wolff believes that from an early age, we are conditioned to be in a state of Separation Consciousness. Our lifetime wounding and conditioning is created in Separation Consciousness. It is stored as contracted energy in our body/mind. Holding these contractions requires the expenditure of considerable energy. We also lose a degree of choice in our actions. In the workshop, he will help you first to feel what it’s like to be in Separation Consciousness, and then to be in Unified Consciousness. In other words, One with Source Energy. You will then have the opportunity and guidance to explore what it is to experience the difference in how we respond to similar stress situations in either state of consciousness.

“Once we are fully embodied in Unified Consciousness, with a few simple processes and practices, which we can do ourselves, we can release and clear the blocked energy – permanently. We can then fully experience love, joy and harmony, while standing fully in our own power.” – Michael Wolff.

Wolff has been practicing and teaching the Japanese martial art, Aikido, for over 30 years and now teaches the art of creating harmony in the world by first creating harmony within oneself.

Day One – Orientation 
  • How to fully embody Unified Consciousness
  • Where am I now on the harmony and Hawkins scales?
  • What is my core separation wound?
  • What is my primary unmet need?
  • What is my primary limiting belief?
  • Where are the main blocks in my energy field (Chakras)?
  • In my relationships, where are the main areas of resistance and where are the main areas of flow?
  • Where am I in terms of self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, unconditional love for self, and gratitude?
Day Two  
  • Processes for letting go and healing energy blocks
Day Three Integration 
  • Benefits
  • From Fear to Love – healing one’s core issue(s), re-framing limiting beliefs, releasing dysfunctional patterns
  • Healing Relationships – clearing resistance in past and present relationships
  • Expansion of Consciousness –healing and releasing life time conditioning and wounding
  • Greater Harmony – bringing harmony into one’s own life and the lives of others


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You can opt to pay over three months if money is an issue.

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