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7 Reasons to Take A Time Out at Hippocrates

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By Deirdre McCafferty

I treated myself to two full weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute’s Life Transformation Program in sunny Florida. It was a fantastic experience and probably the closest thing to being in heaven that you can experience while still being firmly planted on this earth. What makes it so heavenly?

The location and climate. Fifty acres of tropical nature at its most beautiful – intricate banyan trees, lakes, landscaped pathways, sculptures, song birds, flowers and, most of all, warm sunshine.

1. The food. After your body adjusts to the lack of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, animal products, flour products, and sweet foods, how you feel after two weeks is utterly fantastic – light, youthful, energised, calm, inspired and with clear skin and shining eyes!

2. The informative classes on every aspect of health and healing for mind, body and spirit.

3. The medical aspect. I received a full blood test and a follow up consultation with a medical doctor. Happily I was awarded an A++ for my general health with the exception of a sad face cartoon beside my vitamin D results!

4. The people. I met strong, hope-filled, inspiring people, regardless of the level of what they went there to heal. We shared, laughed and cried together. Physical cleansing does not happen without emotional cleansing.

5. The staff make it feel like you are part of a family and community and I am full of admiration for how ceaselessly they work to bring health to the world.

6. Inspiration and reconfirmation that I am on the right path in my life work in Cornucopia – bringing health through vegan, plant based nutrition.


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