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The Perfect Package: Omega Essentials

by Alison McEvoy

Have you been looking for the perfect combination fish oil to add to your daily routine? Alison McEvoy found just that when she met Margaret Lamrani of the up-and-coming fish oil company, EQology.


The Perfect Package

Omega Essentials

by Alison McEvoy

After five years of research, Margaret Lamrani finally found what she was looking for: the perfect combination fish oil with the marks of distinction she had been waiting for.

EQ pure arctic oil is extracted from cod caught in certified, sustainably managed Norwegian fisheries. The oil is cold-pressed on the trawlers and taken to laboratories inland to remove all heavy metals. Added to this pure, omega-3 laden fish oil is organic, cold-pressed olive oil (containing omega-9 and polyphenols), vitamin E (essential for omega-3 absorption), vitamin D and natural lemon flavouring (making it much more palatable than your regular fish oil).

Dr Hogne Vik, cardiologist and developer of EQ oil, recognised that, in the modern diet, omega-6 is over-consumed. When our ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 is out of balance in the body, this can make us more vulnerable to inflammation and the resulting complications. He came up with the idea to provide tests, so people can know for sure that their supplement is working to bring up their omega-3 while lowering their omega-6.

I met with Margaret to take the EQ omega test. Among the contents was an ID card onto which I dropped two little globules of my blood. I kept one half of the ID card for checking my results online, and the other half we placed into a pre-paid envelope and promptly dropped in the post. In 15-18 days I will know the exact ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 in my body!

In the meantime I am on a dose of two tablespoons of EQ arctic oil a day and in six months I will be retested to assess my progress. Stay tuned….!

EQ pure arctic oil will host a product launch and talk with developer Dr. Hogne Vik in the Clayton Hotel, Dublin Airport, on September 30th.

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