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Dr. Alweena Awan: A Tiny Light Comes Through

by Alison McEvoy

We are excited to share this sneak peek from our Winter 2018/19 issue, exploring the incredible healing journey of Dr. Alweena Awan, who now leads Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circles (HHC) all over the world, giving people an understanding of the theory and philosophy behind Ho’oponopono – an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness. Read on to learn all about it.

A Tiny Light Comes Through

Harmonise and heal

By Alison McEvoy

At just twenty one years old, the newly married Dr. Alweena Awan found herself in continuous and agonising pain after a car accident. Once an avid PE Major, she was now lying stationary as she recovered from a broken back and neck. Having undergone surgery to her spine, at one point Alweena found herself floating above her body, gazing down on her earthly existence. She hesitated and then, remembering her parent’s grief at her brother’s recent death by a car accident, found herself returned to her body.

In conversation with Alweena, she now says that the accident “was the best experience of my life”, and that “out of every bad experience, a tiny light comes through.”

Alweena received many gifts throughout her immobile months. The gift of presence – as her only activity during those hundreds of slow-passing hours was reading through a book resting on a glass pane suspended above her head. The gift of awareness of choice – as it dawned on her that just as she had experienced the profoundest choice of all, to live or leave, there is choice in every moment which needs to be brought to light in order for us to know how powerful we really are. And the gift of knowing the value of physical literacy, of movement. For years, even after leaving hospital, regular visits to the chiropractor were her only way of managing the pain of movement.

One day, her chiropractor used kinesiology to test out a theory she had of emotional resistance being at the root of Alweena’s pain. That day, after mining to the core of her need to forgive certain wrongs, she walked out with her pain reduced by over 70%. The remainder of the journey involved forgiving, not others, but herself for the guilt she carried over her brother’s death.

This new discovery of the relationship between emotional resistance and pain, or the body’s inability to heal, led Alweena down a path of intense study of different methods of kinesiology, a PhD on helping children using holistic methods which led to the development of the Child Centre Method and a profound resonance with the traditional Hawaiian method of ‘setting things right’, Ho’oponopono.

To read the full article, pick up a copy of our Winter 2018/19 issue – you can find your nearest stockist here, or subscribe here to receive a copy direct to your door. Dr Alweena Awan will be speaking in Dublin on Saturday February 23rd 2019. For more information, see seminars.ie.



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