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Roadmap to Freedom: Lloyd Chambers’ Transformation Journey

by Alison McEvoy

Hello, Positive Lifers! Today, we wanted to share this throwback to our Autumn 2018 issue, featuring personal development coach Lloyd Chambers’ remarkable story of freedom, and what one of his products, Organo Gold, has meant to him.

Roadmap to Freedom

Transformational Journey

by Alison McEvoy

Lloyd Chambers is a personal development coach, alternative businessman and author of a paperback book and online course entitled ‘Visualization to Realisation: using your imagination to keep you on your path to success.’
Everything you have ever wanted or ever needed is locked up inside your infinite potential. Lloyd Chambers is here to tell you that you can create a Life by Design. Whatever you can believe,you can achieve.
Path of self-determination
Having had some mind-expanding schooling years at an institution where transcendental meditation was taught daily, Lloyd left school with high hopes and lofty dreams of success generated by doing what he loved. Nonetheless, years later, Lloyd found himself marching to the rhythm of the corporate world; a workday of 9am-5pm, with plenty of money but little sense of fulfilment. Rather than remaining stuck in this sense of un-fulfilment and in the belief that this was the only way, Lloyd began to walk the path towards the freedom he enjoys to this day.
Fuel for your freedom
When I spoke to Lloyd he was on day 368 of his ‘500 Days of Personal Development Live’ Facebook project.
In 500 days, he intends to raise the vibration of one million people through daily talks where he openly shares his journey towards living the life of his dreams.
His mantra is ‘step forward into growth or backwards into safety’ and each day is filled with tips and tools for making the journey. He speaks to the part of us wherein our true self lies, waiting to be seen, heard and acted upon, so that we live up to the full potential of our years on earth, lighting the way for what will come after.
From within to without
Lloyd counsels that “we need to start stepping away from the logical approach to life.” He pursued this for many years but now he works from an intuitive place. “I feel my way into things and the world has become a very beautiful place,” he explains.
Lloyd describes his method in detail of creating an inner, feeling-full image, which enables him to bring into creation the vision of reality his mind’s eye is holding firm:
“[I] keep in my mind a picture of exactly what it is that I want, to the exclusion of everybody else’s opinion and my own internal efforts to sabotage myself through a lack of belief, and connect emotionally to the wish fulfilled… It’s a game that you have to play in order to keep the image of what you want on your screen of your mind long enough, remembering that feeling is the secret.”
Foundations of freedom
In all that he does, his aim is to “help people with their health, their mind and…to help them to understand a different way of wealth creation. After all, there is an abundance of plenty for everybody.”

When he came across Organo and experienced the health benefits of its key ingredient, ganoderma, he decided that this product was to become part of his path to freedom.
Ganoderma more widely known by its Japanese name – the red reishi mushroom. This mushroom is the most highly prized healing herb in Chinese medicine: so much so, that it was originally kept for use only by the Imperial families and was given the nickname ‘King of herbs’. It ranks #1 out of 50,000 edible plants on Earth for healing the human body, making it unparalleled in the mushroom kingdom. With over 3,000
PubMed studies proving efficacy against over twenty serious conditions, and with no adverse interactions with any other substances or medications in the medical literature, it is one of the most highly sought after herbs.
Organo adds USDA certified 100% Organic ganoderma to the number one habit on Earth, which is coffee.
The ganoderma is highly alkaline and it neutralizes the natural acidity of the coffee. It allows the caffeine to slowly release into the body’s system while simultaneously detoxifying and promoting healing in the bodily tissues.
For Lloyd, Organo became the vehicle to a level of financial and time freedom which has facilitated all of his other projects:
“It is so gratifying to have been able to help so many health practitioners so far, and the goal now is to help 1,000 more practitioners in the UK & Ireland experience the benefits among their own clients and hear the testimonies of those lives have been changed.”
Organo is available to health practitioners in Ireland to help their clients speed up recovery and alleviate a wide range of health issues. In any detox protocol, giving up coffee is the least compliant of any request to clients. Being housed in the coffee cup simply makes it much easier for people to remember to take their medicinal beverage. How many coffee drinkers do you know who forget to drink their coffee every day?

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Image Credit: Celine O’Donnell

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