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Life is a Breeze when you learn to Breathe Less

by Patrick

By Martha Roe

When your breath is calm, so is your mind. And while that’s easy enough in the sanctuary of a meditation room or the yoga studio, what happens when you’re having a  really tough day? Stress and worry play havoc with your breathing and with your thinking.

The Buteyko method is a proven systematic approach to calming your breath – regardless of what is happening around you. Professor Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian physician, developed a way to enable people to reduce their breathing, reversing symptoms such as Asthma, Allergies, Hay Fever, IBS, Eczema, Fatigue, Depression, Emphysema, High/Low Blood Pressure, Hormonal problems and many more.

Even if your health is generally okay, mastering your breath makes life so much easier. At Learn Buteyko, most of our students have been battling severe chronic health issues. We’re here to help transform people’s lives; and as a side effect of their daily Buteyko practice, they often report that they get on with friends and family better; ward off colds and flu more easily; appreciate their surroundings more; and even crave sugary snacks less.

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